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Welcome to my blog! Here you will find my musings on life, interior design, motherhood, DIY, fashion, and more. 

 My name is Erin Kern, and I'm a born and raised Okie.  Met my hubby in college (started dating after I bought him in a date auction...ha!), and we moved to the Tulsa area as newlyweds.  Taught high school for awhile, spent a whirlwind five years having four sweet daughters, and I get the privilege of staying home with my girls during these little years.



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Welcome to my blog! Here you will find my musings on life, interior design, motherhood, DIY, fashion, and more. 

Hey guys! Okay, I asked y’all this morning on my Instagram stories if you’d like to come shopping with me today as I scouted out some additions to my winter wardrobe at the pre-Black Friday Old Navy sales, and of the 15K+ that voted, 98% were ready to go on a girls’ day out and […]

I love me a good surplice sweater.  The cut is flattering and feminine, it’s SO nursing friendly, and….the cut hides all the things, especially the Pregnancy Leftovers as I call them.  You guys must love this look too, because ya SOLD OUT the grey surplice sweater from my collection with Cloth+Cabin in, get this, A […]

Welcome, pals! I wanted to round up a few of the items in my Cotton Stem Collection for Cloth + Cabin and remind you of your exclusive coupon code to use for 15% off plus free shipping before the collection comes to an end!  Keep reading to get the code and to check out my […]

Comfy, cozy, farmhouse lovin’ style…all in one cutie shop! I’ve written before about how much I love the soft, comfy items I’ve slowly added to my softies capsule from Southern Farm Co. over the last year, and, for the month of October, the owner and my friend Karli is offering my Cotton Stem Buddies a […]

Hey friends! It’s been a couple of weeks since I rounded up all the Cotton Stem-y things that have been going on so you can catch up if you’ve missed it!  These posts seem to be a fave of yours as I’m gathering from messages and DM’s, so I’ll keep ’em coming as long as […]

My top picks from Sole Society’s Fall Line! Excited to partner with Sole Society to help launch part of their new fall line!  I’ve shopped from this shoe and accessories company for years, and I just recently bought my new fall booties [from this post] through their site.  Sole Society selects the best of the […]

Did you guys know this is not my first rodeo when it comes to growing and running a blog?  I used to maintain a mommy blog with solid readership for many years, and one series that seemed to be a favorite of my readers was my “Mom-ify Me” series!  I’d take designer or super glam […]

One of my capsule purchases for fall was a pair of flat or low heel booties, and I’ll tell ya what….I hunted and hunted and tried them ALL.  😳  There are so many options out there for all types of budgets and styles, and I’ve listed my impressions below along with which booties made the […]

**If you are new to the capsule wardrobe process, take a sec and skim through my Cotton Stem Capsule series [HERE] to catch up!  It’s short and to the point with lots of examples and how-to’s…I’d love for you to join us this season as we simplify our wardrobes and our lifestyles!** As the weather […]

I’m so excited to share the final step in my easy Makeup Capsule with y’all!  These are my favorite products that I go back to time and time again from all different price points, and I’ll show you some of my quick and easy techniques from my beauty routine!  All in all, it takes me […]