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Any fellow last minute shoppers out there…?!  I’m sure it can’t just be me, so I threw together some gifting ideas for ya, and they are mostly Amazon Prime-able…you know…just in case you’re like me and kinda doing this whole thing at the very last sec.  😬😂 BUT! This buying guide is a little bit […]

I can’t think of any super witty or deep way to start this post, so instead…I’ll just start.  😉  Sometimes I feel led to share bits and pieces of my private life in hopes that maybe someone else can relate and know they aren’t the only one, and, while this isn’t nearly the tragedy of […]

Both my husband and I are natural homebodies.  This bodes well for us during these little-kiddo family years, because trying to orchestrate a date night OUT is like attempting to get all the stars and all the planets to align perfectly, it seems! 😳  Something always happens last minute: a child gets sick, the babysitter […]

This post is near and dear to my heart (read on to find out why), and I’m so excited to partner with Sherwin Williams to announce their 2018 color of the year, Oceanside!  This is a rich, dusty, deep teal color that gives off perfectly moody, saturated vibes, and it would look SO gorgeous paired […]

Beginning to slowly take down the lemon-y love decor that defined summer around the house for us this year, and it’s like a therapeutic reminder that seasons change…as do seasons of life. 🍋  Scrolling through some shots of our home in fall from last year (see below), and it has me ponderin’… For many reasons, […]

The longer I am a mother, the more the mysteries of the world begin to unfold.  With my years and years of seasoned wisdom (a whole 7 years…I’m a veritable FONT of wisdom by now…🙄😏) , I am beginning to see the world with new eyes, and those secrets once shrouded in a veil of […]

Hey friends!So, I’ve a had a TON of questions regarding this insanely smart rug sitch from FLOR, so I’m going to tell y’all my honest opinion now that we’ve lived with this crazy rug for a bit.  To be open, I did receive this rug as a gift from FLOR, but, as the cliche sounding […]

**FIRST…if I could express to you all how much your comments on my last post meant to me, I would do so with big hugs and face squeezes all around.  I read every single one, most of which made me cry, and I’ll be forever grateful you took the time to share. It touched me more […]

**PLEASE READ: This is a blog post I wrote three years ago for an old site I had at the time.  As intimidating as it is to share one of the most vulnerable seasons of my life, I do so in hopes that someone possibly struggling with the same thing or something similar might feel […]