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Apparently it was Bring Your Daughter to Work day, because this little one insisted on joining me for a fall try-on…so we changed courses and turned it into a Mommy and me fall outfit sesh together! Thought these ideas could be helpful for building out family picture outfits or for those who are planning for […]

CLICK NUMBERS BELOW TO SHOP: ONE – TWO – THREE – FOUR – FIVE – SIX – SEVEN – EIGHT – NINE – TEN – ELEVEN – TWELVE Didn’t keep ’em all…but I sure tried them all on for ya!Rounding up some of the cutest and comfiest fall mules for the upcoming season, and there […]

Y’all, I’m on the hunt for a brass faucet for our upcoming kitchen update, and I rounded up some pretties from my searching today! There are so many different tones of brass faucets out there, and I love the blend of farmhouse style and modern vibes, too. It’s going to be hard to choose! Obvs, […]

Y’all are the ones who introduced me to FabFitFun and their boxes o’ goodies, and you were right: it’s a little bit of happy delivered to my doorstep four times a year. 🙂 Truly makes me smile to see these boxes come my way, and this box might be my favorite…because I got to customize […]

Hey, friends! It’s no secret that I’ve not had great luck with plants, but this spring and summer, our outdoor plants have managed to survive me!! We’ve enjoyed so many spring mornings sipping coffee out on the patio, and we’ve spent most summer afternoons out here either splashing in the little pools or having a […]

I know, I know…any post about plants gives my loyal Instagram buddies a chuckle, because they know by now that I’m no green thumb. 😉 While my indoor plants mostly continue their slow march towards death, I’ve recently stumbled upon a few outdoor plants and flowers that seem impervious to my non-farmer status! Hooray! Over […]

Funny, isn’t it, the flow of our lives? How one experience, one moment layers on top of another and another, until you look back and realize the vast amount of filled pages in the story of you. This flow, this layering was the inspiration behind this wall in my home. You see, bookworm for life […]

Hey friends! So I’ve been on a quest to see if I could blend my love of all things vintage and chippy with a few more modern and clean pieces. One of the best ways I’ve found to blend the two is through the fun trend of brass! The soft, brushed brass is a sophisticated […]

Hey guys! Okay, I get lots and lots and LOTS of questions whenever my kiddos appear on my Instagram stories during the school week and then are gone the next day, so I thought I’d compile your FAQ’s about hybrid homeschool to hopefully shed some light! **HEAR ME: this is just what works for our […]

Our family’s favorite breakfast is French toast, and every time I share Instagram stories of us making it, I’m asked for the recipe…which I’ve never written down! Until today! My kiddos helped me figure out our measurements for our fam’s fave morning treat, so here it is for y’all to enjoy, too! You can use […]