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Rest. Motherhood. These things typically do NOT go hand in hand. As a mother of four little ladies, I can speak to long days but short years full of diaper changes, crayon wrapper bits on the floor as far as the eye can see, perpetual schlepping to and then fro and then to once more, […]

*This post is sponsored by Sixpenny – all opinions and reviews are mine, and thanks for supporting brands like this that help support my blog and fam!) My husband, y’all. This fella is my biggest cheerleader and the unsung hero of all my Cotton Stem-y-ness.  He happily goes along with whatever crazy decor idea I […]

Oh man, the crazy, happy swirl of Christmas can really start to make things spiral out of control when it comes to gifting….and for us, that was especially the case when it came to our kiddos a few years ago.  I mean, we love them and WANT them to be so excited and feel cherished, […]

Hey, friends! We just returned from a truly magical trip to Big Cedar Lodge in Branson, MO with my family, and we got alllll the good Christmas vibes in the process!  Here’s a little glimpse of our trip and what you can do when you visit Big Cedar Lodge with your own fam!  Thank you […]

(*This post is sponsored by The Home Depot – thank you for supporting the brands that help support my blog!) Hey friends! One of my very favorite Christmas mood-setters is to turn on the twinkle lights at night and cuddle up by the fireplace with my fam for holiday movies, but because my hubby’s allergies […]

Hey friends! Recently went pickin’ with my fam, and I thought I’d stop and share some of the useful tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way and through many adventures into dusty, wonderful antique stores near and far!  If you’ve ever wondered where to look, how to spot a treasure and whether or […]

(*This post is sponsored by The Company Store – thank you for supporting the brands that help support this blog!) Hey friends! So excited to get the opportunity to team up with The Company Store for National Family Pajama Night!  The fam and I loved that for every purchase of family PJ’s, The Company Store […]

Hey friends! Okay, by popular demand, here’s a little update on how life has been about a month after adding a sweet, snuggly Harvey (4 months old currently) to the mix, plus I’ll try to answer a few frequently asked questions, too!  But first….AWWWWW!!!! Okay, that’s out of my system.  😉 What breed is Harvey? […]

Hey pals! Per your request, here are a few fun holiday looks from Target for this fall that could be cute for a Thanksgiving dinner or holiday party with pals!  Nothing too fancy for this comfy, casual gal, so I put together some looks that are both cozy AND a little dressier than my usual […]

Hi, friends! Wanted to officially welcome you “into” our home all dressed up for fall and the Thanksgiving season!  This year, I wanted bright and unexpected fall colors along with a simpler, paired down vibe from last year [HERE].  Our lives have been extra full this season, so I wanted our house to feel, well, […]