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Currently having all the feelings about my kiddos heading back to school in just a handful of days, and, even though they technically only attend school away from home two days a week, the laidback summer vibes are slowing going by the wayside to be replaced with structure and routine. And those other three days […]

Hey, guys!So for the last year or so, our family has worked together to run a little antique booth at a local vintage shop [HERE] called Sailor Antiques in Claremore, OK, and it has been quite the adventure! While I definitely don’t claim to be an expert, there are a few tips and tricks I’ve […]

It seems keeping my four little girls in clothes that actually fit their constantly growing bodies is a part-time job. Just about the minute I get everyone settled with shoes for all occasions, jeans that still reach the ankle (and when they don’t anymore, can we call them capris for a bit…?), and all the […]

Welp, it only took us six months after ripping off the builder grade mirror in our guest/kids bathroom, but we finally finished this project! (And by “we”…I mean we called in an awesome handyman to finish the bulk. Raised the white flag and never looked back, ha! Usually, we opt for a good DIY…but then […]

*Affiliate links used in this try-on post, FYI! Hey, friends! Stopped to shop some summer styles, and I thought I’d post a few simple mom-friendly summer outfit ideas! Y’all know I follow a capsule-style wardrobe, and it sure makes getting ready in the morning fast and easy when your closet is ONLY full of items […]

*post is sponsored by my partner FabFitFun Y’all, one of my favorite mail days each quarter is when my FabFitFun box arrives! Not sure about you, but I seem to always get stuck in a beauty/skin care rut and never seem to branch out to try new things. That’s one of the reasons I started […]

Summertime is upon us, and I was so excited to try out a few new pieces from Walmart’s We Dress America campaign to get my wardrobe ready for the season! The quality of these pieces paired with the details and cute style AND the low price points make them a great option to add to […]

*Post sponsored by Walmart Time for a little refresh in the sisters’ shared bunkbed room, and we teamed up with Walmart to use some cutie new items from the Flower Home by Drew Barrymore line! I let the girls help me choose items (they thought this rug looked like a giant flower for their room…how […]

Need a quick way to get dressed and out the door in the morning? Consider organizing your closet and/or capsule wardrobe with outfit recipes! I tend to come back to similar colors, patterns and cuts as my personal style develops, and I’ve found it super helpful to sort of look at my closet as a […]

Alright people, here we go. This admittedly plant-challenged gal is finally giving it a go into the world of owning and (hopefully!) keeping alive a few house plants! After asking my buddies on Instagram, researching online and checking with my local nursery, here are a few of the plants I’m bringing home. Of course, at […]