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So pleased to be part of the Styled + Set blog tour today hosted by Lory of Designthusiasm!  For all those coming over from My Soulful Home, hello and welcome!  We are coming together to show some simple and beautiful ideas for summer entertaining, so be sure to visit the talented bloggers listed at the […]

Hi friends! I’m having so much fun with this “Mom-ify Me” series [HERE] and [HERE], and I like that it’s a fresh way to share some outfit inspo with you!  I like to take some inspo from the gorgeous homes of a few Instagram buddies, and this time I’ve turned their spaces into Mom-friendly outfits […]

Hey friends! Well, we made a bit of progress on the kids’ bathroom refresh this weekend by pulling down the large, unframed mirror over the double sinks.  These huge mirrors in both our bathrooms and their removal have really held me back from updating the spaces, and I’m not sure why.  I guess the thought […]

Okay, so we are starting to do some updates to our guest bath (which is overrun by four tiny little girls most of the time…. 😳), and I am in serious need of some inspiration!  We have two bathrooms in our home; the master and this guest bath, so I’d like it to be both […]

COTTAGE FARMHOUSE DECOR CAPSULE  Hey friends! Okay, so y’all know I’ve done the capsule wardrobe lifestyle for almost six years now, and I thought it might be fun to try and apply it to home decor!  The purpose of a capsule wardrobe is to curate a closet full of only the pieces you truly love […]

Hey buddies! Okay, I had lots of questions about the styling on top of my “new” vintage butcher block table my Instagram buddies convinced me to snatch up last week, so I thought I’d tear this look back down in order to rebuild it step by step for ya to maybe give you a glimpse […]

Hey buddies! Okay, here is a quickie little DIY tutorial for you if you are sometimes just not feelin’ a huge project.  If you want a super fast chippy painted finish and you’re working with metal or plastic furniture, here ya go!  Now listen…this is NOT a Perfect For Eternity solution.  Nope.  This is a […]

Hey friends! Okay, if you missed PART ONE of the organic Instagram growth series, click [HERE] to catch up!  I think it’s pretty important to peek at the first part, because it kind of shows you why this series might be a bit against the grain, and it gives you some background on my own […]

You guys!! I’m geeking out that my itty bitty she shed was featured on USA Today!  Basically my father-in-law and hubby along with their hard work are totes famous, y’all…😉  This 80sq foot happy place of mine has been the biggest blessing from them, and I love that they got a shoutout in the article, […]

Hey, buddies! If you’ve ever thought about making the trip to Waco, TX to see all things Magnolia but were wondering if there was anything ELSE to do to make the trip worth it, this post is for you!  A few IG buddies and I were invited by The Findery (more about this cutie spot in […]