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Let's be friends, mmmmkay!? Here's a bit about me! My name is Erin Kern, and I'm a born and raised Okie.  Met my hubby in college (started dating after I bought him in a date auction...ha!), and we moved to the Tulsa area as newlyweds.  Taught high school for awhile, spent a whirlwind five years having four sweet daughters, and I get the privilege of staying home with my girls during these little years. 
And that brings me to my "why": it's them . . .

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Over the years, I've been lucky enough to hone my design skills decorating our own homes as well as for clients, friends and family...and I am so very grateful to get to combine staying home with my little ladies AND my passion for creating peaceful, fresh spaces in others' homes. My two favorite things. EVER.

Because I'm a mama to littles, decorating on a budget for years and years, I believe I bring a unique perspective on transforming homes into dreamy spaces...that fit the budget while being conducive to all lifestyles. Who wants a gorgeous space that everyone's too afraid to use?! Beautiful design should be comfortable, affordable and, most importantly, bring peace to you and your family. Because I'm pretty sure they're your "why," too.
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My reason for everything. My little ladies and wonderful husband are my reasons "why."



Sharing this crazy ride with my tribe (you!) makes it that much sweeter.



There is nothing like making a house a home.



When did this happen y'all? When you're passionate about what you do you'll never work a day in your life.

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