Baking with Kids – Gluten Free Pear Pie!

Confession: letting my kids “help” in the kitchen is NOT my favorite thing to do. Like, at all. The mess, the chaos, the questions…GAH! Mommy’s brains hurt afterward, but dadgum if their little hearts aren’t full, too. So. I’m trying to be better about saying yes when they ask to help me cook or bake, so today I scrapped my original plans, and we headed into the kitchen together to try our hand at a gluten free pear pie!

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For the filling, I borrowed a recipe from Hostess at Heart [HERE], and lemme tell ya: it’s easy AND delish!! Think caramelized pears with cinnamon…YUM!! For the crust, I tried out Bob’s Red Mill GF pie crust, and it was a little fiddly to work with (although granted I don’t have much experience with GF pie crust making. I’ll take what I can get from a mix at this point, ha!)

For the baking gear, I came across the CUTEST little pie dishes at Walmart (four for around $15!), and the girls each got to assemble and decorate their own mini pear pie! Adorbs. These would make super cute pie-filled holiday gifts, too. 😊 I also filled up a larger size vintage-inspired pie dish for the family to share, and it is adorable with the blue and white design! Came with a loaf pan, too and only like $22 or something. Crazy cute and crazy inexpensive! (Christmas lists, anyone…?) πŸ˜‰


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Okay so be honest – do you love to bake with kids in the kitchen, or do you have do a bit of deep breathing during the whole shebang like someone you might know….? πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ˜‰ If you’re like me and want to try to cook with the kiddos more often, this Gluten Free Pear Pie situation was pretty darn easy, quick and delish! Happy baking!

  1. Jenni Thomas

    September 27th, 2019 at 4:51 pm

    It is a mix of feels when it comes to cooking with kids. I like the one on one time or occasional everyone and mom time but the mess of it all can give me anxiety. Looks like you made it through pretty good. Excited to try the Bob mills gluten free pie crust mix. My 12 year old wants to learn to make a pie and she recently was diagnosed with EOE with gluten most likely being the culprit. So I’ve loved having you as a source of good GF options. And thanks for sharing your heart on stories, you are just a person who gives all the warm and cozy vibes, a true light on IG and I’d follow you even if all you posted about was paper bags. Have a lovely weekend!

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