How to Choose Family Picture Outfits!

Hey friends! We are headed to take some pics at a local pumpkin patch, and I wanted to pull some outfits for the fam that would coordinate for the photo ops while we are there. I don’t necessarily want all six of us to match, but I do want a few specific colors distributed throughout the group so that no matter who stands by whom, we’ll all coordinate naturally! WAY LESS STRESS during family pics if it doesn’t really matter who stands where, etc. We can just enjoy the outing, snap a few pics while we’re there and let the kids have fun…the main goal of going!

Sometimes I’ll buy the girls a new outfit for family pics that they can then wear into the upcoming season (these kids grow like weeds, man!), but this time, I just want to use items we already have in our closets. I chose the first of my three main colors based off of what I wanted to wear (😉), and then picked two more that would coordinate. I chose plum, mustard and denim, and then I grabbed pieces from their closets that hit one, two or three of the main colors. No need to match, no need to wear ALL three of the colors. As long as each person has on some plum, mustard and/or denim, we’re good to go!

If you are planning fall family pictures and want to buy new items for your crew, you might find the Decor Capsule [HERE] helpful, actually! It’ll help you focus in on your colors, budget and vision without getting frustrated and over-spending. Maybe give it a try for your fam pics!

Just for fun, I pulled together a couple of other family picture outfit looks for y’all in case you are heading out to a pumpkin patch near you soon. 😉 I loved the sleek look of the black and white outfits, and those would let the pumpkin-y fall colors really pop! And you can’t go wrong with a whole family dressed up in the colors of the season with look #2! Loved both of these.


*Click image below to shop affiliate links!


*Click images below to shop affiliate links!

There ya go! Wish us luck today at the ol’ pumpkin patch. Last year, we waited till like the last day of pumpkin patch season, and the pics did not go great bc my vibe was too stressed to notice that the girls just wanted to PLAY! It’s great to get pics, but not at the cost of the attitudes and fun of the fam. So this time, we’re going in with outfits already planned easily and lots of margin for FUN! Hope this helps y’all, too!

  1. Tisha

    October 7th, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    I LOVE your color choices and the fact that you shopped your closets! Can’t wait to see the pics and I know y’all had a blast 😘🎃👻

  2. Jenni

    October 10th, 2019 at 1:29 am

    Great tips! We really need to update our family picture soon. Love all the color combos, the wheels are turning.

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