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3 Reasons to Decorate with Mirrors!

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One of my favorite ways to fill a wall or add extra light to a space is through the use of mirrors as decoration! I love hunting for vintage mirrors when I go antiquing, and we also recently added a large scale vintage-inspired mirror to the dining room sent through a partnership with Arhaus. She’s a beauty with those curvy lines and antique gold accents. YUM. (Click HERE to check out the full line of beautiful Amelie mirrors in all sizes!) Whether they are large scale or a collection of smaller finds all grouped together, mirrors can work magic in our spaces. Here are three reasons I love using mirrors around my home!

1 – Mirrors add extra light

When I was decorating for others and in my own home, I like to employ the use of mirrors in darker spaces in order to cast extra light around the room. If you’re strategic with the placement of a mirror, they can really send quite a lot of extra light back into the room! Look for a wall that is opposite a window, and the light will reflect back into the space to add brightness.

2 – Mirrors add extra “space”

While they can’t magically add extra square footage to our homes, mirrors do add extra VISUAL space to a room. When you look at a blank wall, the visual space stops at the wall, obviously. When you hang a mirror or a collection of mirrors on that same wall, now the visual space is doubled because you’re seeing the room reflected back to you. If you have a small space or an area that has lower ceilings and feels a bit tight, consider adding a mirror or two to open up the visual “space” in that room…without having to bust down any walls, haha.

3 – Mirrors change up the norm

I love a cute wood or canvas sign as much as the next gal, but I think using mirrors as wall decor or shelf decor can really change up the norm and add interest. Instead of opting for a canvas, wood or chalkboard style sign, maybe add a mirror or a layered collection of mirrors to shake it up and add interest, sparkle and unexpected flair!

Do you decorate with mirrors? Some of my very favorites have come from vintage shops and antique flea markets over the years, and now this big ol’ beauty from Arhaus, too! There’s just something about the curvy, intricate vintage details that get me in the feels. Maybe keep your eye out for some antique treasures of your own, or peek at Arhaus’ Amelie collection for gorgeous mirrors like the one in our dining room! Vintage vibes for days….

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  1. Nina says:

    This is SUCH an exciting partnership, Erin! I love how you use mirrors in your home. Good luck with your most epic giveaway ever tonight! 🖤

  2. Tisha says:

    Yes, I do! I love old, ornate mirrors. I have one from when I was little (it’s 50 years old!) These pics are so beautiful. Great tips!

  3. Jessica says:

    Love what you did with this space! 😍

  4. Lana Morey says:

    Not sure I followed how to enter for the giveaway but just in case it’s in these comments, I’m in😊. It’s a gorgeous mirror!! I’ve long admired it!

  5. kathy olson says:

    I love that mirror by your dining table. It is stunning.

  6. Jenni Thomas says:

    I had heard that mirrors add light but I’d never thought about them adding space. I love that! We have a few mirrors but I think we need more for the rooms in our home that are small or have less light. Thanks, as always, for the design tips, Erin.

  7. Casey B. says:

    I really like all of these ideas to add mirrors to my decor. I will have to try it! Thanks for the inspo, Erin (:

  8. Sandy branson says:

    LOVE all of your mirrors! Everything you do is always so beautiful!

  9. It’s quite interesting to know about these things also. Thank you for sharing it.

  10. Bob says:

    I like the idea of having ornament gold put on the mirror. Speaking of gold, I have 3 gold necklaces I don’t want anymore. I’ll have to find a vendor that can sell me ornament gold for my mirror and buy my necklaces.

  11. Sleep Center says:

    Rightly said, Erin. Other than these, mirrors are a tasteful way to hide imperfections.

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