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5 Random Facts About Yours Truly.

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1 – When I was a little girl, my life’s dream was to work at Pizza Hut so that I could give my mom free pizzas for the rest of her life.  Instead, I gave her four granddaughters and all kinds of extra home decor.  Samesies.  😉  Oh, and I also wanted to grow up to be a physical therapist, until I realized I might possibly have to touch other people’s feet.  😳  Free pizzas?  Yes.  Strange feet?  Heck no.

(Look at those curls!  You KNOW those came from sleeping in foam rollers, y’all.  Raise your hand if you used those, too!)

2 – I canNOT stand the sound of Jeff Bridges’ voice. Like, legit makes my skin crawl.  I’m sure he is a very nice person, but errrrmagerrrderrssss can’t do it.  He has the thickest tongue known to man, and to listen to him talk is like listening to a manatee trapped inside of a drainage pipe writhing and wiggling in order to escape. The thick tongue makes listening to him nearly impossible for me, so there aren’t any JB movies on my Netflix list.  No hard feelings.  Just can’t handle manatee tongue.  😬😂  (I have a thing about mouth noises in general.  Jeff, it’s not you; it’s me.)

3 – After going through some bummer back troubles over the past few years, I was sent to get an x-ray. The tech finished up and asked if I’d ever had an x-ray before. I said that I hadn’t and asked why. She told me that I actually have an extra lumbar vertebrae that probably added two-three inches to my overall height and that she’d never seen that before. Neat. I’m a extra-vertabae-d freak o’ nature.  (Who am I to be repelled by a manatee tongue after all?! 😂)  Does perhaps explain why I’m a good deal taller than most females in my family though…

4 – If I was ever chosen to participate on Survivor, I don’t think I would last longer than the boat ride to the island for one simple reason: LOTION. If I can’t have lotion to slather all over my hands after they’ve been wet and then dried, then I can’t live. Dramatic?  Maybe.  THE TRUTH?  Yesssss.  Lotions are stationed all throughout my home in strategic locales, and I almost can’t think straight if I can’t get to lotion quickly after washing my hands. I told you…cray. 😂  A well-lotioned, too-tall cray.  #lotionaddict

(Floral vest and hair snood ON POINT, y’all.  #thanksMom 😂)

5.  Once when I was about 10 or 11 (around the time the above pic was taken), my sister and I were playing “Aladdin” in the back of my grandpa’s truck, swathed in bedsheets and using broom handles (natch) to belt out “A Whole New World” at the top of our lungs.  It was at this exact moment (of course 😩) that my neighborhood crush rode by on his bicycle, and I dropped belly-first on the truck bed faster than you can say “Arabian Nights.”  Not only did he for SURE hear my song, see my outfit AND witness my mic-weilding skrillz, he also got to watch me awkwardly peek up and over the side of the truck bed, stand up sheepishly, dust off my draped ensemble and saunter away with as much pride as a mortally embarrassed pre-teen could muster.  Le sigh.  If only there had been a genie around right about then to grant my wish for invisibility.  😩😂  (And yes, my little sister taunts me TO THIS DAY with this story.  What are sisters for…..)

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  1. Jessica says:

    I feel you on the #lotionaddict front! There is nothing worse in this life than dry skin/hands! What’s your favorite lotion?

    Thanks for always spreading joy and laughter,!

  2. Marms says:

    Oh, the memories. I’m glad you’ve at least lived past the boy haircut. Thought that had scarred you for life.

  3. Dawn says:

    Foam rollers will go down in infamy for many of us😉🤣🤣🤣

  4. Lindzie L. says:

    These pics are so cute! I love that you wants to work at Pizza Hut! So funny…I wanted to work at McDonald’s 😊

  5. Laura Berryman says:

    I wore foam rollers every Saturday night before church on Sunday! When I was a kid, I thought being an interior decorator would be fun (I was always rearranging and “redecorating” my bedroom) but then I grew up to be a physical therapist! I don’t touch too many feet 😉

  6. Absolutely aorable! But honestly I wouldn’t expect anything less from adorable you.

    P.S. extra vertebrae = mutant. I have one extra bone in one foot and 2 extra bones in the other. Mutants are cool and all the rage, don’t ya know!

  7. Adeline says:

    Laughters here! Thanks for that
    For the freak feeling I feel ya, I do have a rib wayyyyy longer than the others. Maybe are we some sort of human being evolution or something.
    Anyway, thank you for bringing joy around, I love the way you deal with your job and life on social media, that’s refreshing!
    Sorry if that comment is roughly english I’m French!

  8. Britney says:

    I could read an entire book written by you!!! Honestly make me chuckle so much! And I couldn’t survive on survivor simply because of BUGS!!! Yaack!

  9. Lori says:

    I have the privilege of being in Wednesday night bible study with your sweet momma, and your sister is one of my favorite people every although I am pretty sure I annoy her most of the time. 🙂 I know for a fact that your mom would trade a lifetime of pizza for those sweet babies. Hope you enjoy your week, Erin!!

  10. Barbara Smith says:

    Hi, I’m here from KariAnne’s recommendation. So far I love what I see. Someone wrote a comment about sleeping with foam rollers every Saturday night for church on Sunday, well I have 5 sisters and my mother would pincurl our hair with bobby pins. We sat in front of the TV while she “pincurled” our hair. What memories!!! Blessings!

  11. Robinjones says:

    Erin, you crack me up! I share your feelings about JB but I do watch his movies. I, also, have an extra lumbar vertebrae and at 5’4″ am glad for the extra height it gives 😉. So fun to read about you!

  12. Sydne says:

    So what’s your very favorite lotion? I am also a lotion girl!

  13. Kelly G says:

    So I am also a #lotionaddict and have also turned my kids into lotion crazy chapstick lovers! Gotta be moisturized! Funny thing though you mention your extra vertebrae as I was born without a disc in between mine! Have had old lady back problems since elementary. Although, that didn’t stop me from doing anything then, but now at almost 39 it really sucks! 😂 Still lovin’ all these parts about you Erin! I think we have all been through a lot of the same things!

  14. Mandy Thompson says:

    Okay, so when I read #lotionaddict, I thought “psh, okayyy”, because I’ve never even come close to meeting anyone else that shares my insane need for lotion. Well, I owe you an apology, because you described true #lotionaddiction perfectly 😂 I can’t believe there’s another as crazy as me! My mom says I’ve been this way since I was old enough to ask for lotion! She even had to ask my teachers to keep a bottle handy for me.

    We shared similar aspirations, too. I dreamt of becoming a cashier lady at the A&P.

  15. Kaaren Aguna says:

    I too have a need for lotion and constantly slather it on my hands and arms and legs and feet! I could be rich the money I’ve spent on all kinds! I love the lavender aromatherapy lotion from Bath and Body works! But I use all kinds! Still my arms look like crepe paper !! Lol 😂 not sure why ! Thanks for sharing your life and you are a beautiful person inside and out. Love you 😍

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