4 Ways to Add Color + Pattern to a Capsule Wardrobe!

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One of the biggest drawbacks to doing seasonal wardrobe capsules is not getting bored.  You’re aiming for less shopping, less spending and really focusing on curating a classic + neutral base of quality items on which to build the rest of your capsule.  But what happens when you hit month three of your three month seasonal capsule and things start to feel a bit, well, boring?  That’s how you know you need to add in a bit more color and pattern the next go around!  By adding pops of eye-catching pattern and happy colors to your neutral base in strategic ways will help extend the shelf life, so to speak, of your seasonal wardrobe capsule, with the end result being a lot less spending, a lot more creativity in putting together outfits, and a closet full of fun pieces you know work well together and make you feel comfortable and beautiful all season long!

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If you are more of a neutral-loving gal (like me) or even if you love colors and patterns already, here are a couple of ideas to consider when adding color + pattern to your own seasonal wardrobe capsule this year!

1 – Colorful Outerwear

Okay, so you have your base capsule full of classic, timeless neutrals that are ready to mix and mingle with seasonal colors and patterns – go, you!!  One easy way to keep the capsule doldrums at bay is to mix things up with a fun jacket or coat in a bright pop of color!  If you are a little color-phobic, this is a simple solution to spice things up, because you won’t actually be wearing the jacket/coat througout the entire day.  You’ll wear it a bit while spending time outside going to and fro, but then it’ll be time to put it Aside when you go INside, and you can get back to the basics of your seasonal capsule.


Wearing a SMALL in the jacket (LOVE!!!) which is reading just a smidge more red here in the photo than it does in person.  It’s a pretty poppy red/orange tone.  Also wearing a SMALL in the plaid shirt which is tunic length, and the jeans are a 4 which is my regular size.  Shoes I own at home and fit TTS, too!


2 – Subtle Pattern

Another way to spice things up is to include a few capsule pieces that have pattern!  Whether you like it subtle or you like it sensational, weaving in patterns here and there can keep things interesting, especially when the weather is cool enough for layering.  If you aren’t big on loud patterns, try wearing a plaid or striped shirt unbuttoned with a basic white tee underneath; this breaks up the solid expanse of pattern while still leaving some interest there.


Wearing size SMALL in the button down and size 4 in the boyfriend jeans.  If between sizes, go smaller in the jeans!  The shoes are pretty old, but I’ll link them just in case. 

3 – Colorful Scarves

Want a super simple way to punch up your neutral capsule base?  Add a couple of seasonal scarves to the mix!  Mustard yellows, happy plaids, winter-into-spring florals….the color possibilities are endless.  And the best part is that it’s a cheap and simple addition that can help keep you interested in your outfit planning without constantly running out to shop when the boredom strikes.  (Not saying to NEVER EVER shop while doing capsules; however, we are trying to pare it down a bit and stay interested in what’s already occupying space in our closets, so colorful scarves are one way to accomplish the goal!)


I’ve had this cozy cardigan in SMALL included in my capsules for a few years, because it is just, well, COZY!  Love the soft tencel material in this classic denim shirt, and I always keep a chambry button down in my seasonal capsules due to their versatility.  And….the magical leggings that are worth every single dang penny for their tummy-sucking and faux leather look!  I have these in MEDIUM bc they run a bit snug.


4 – A Bold Pop in “YOUR” signature color

We’ve all got one.  You know the color.  It’s the one that, when you wear it, your friends and family will comment on how “it’s so your color!”  Yep, that one.  😉 Whatever that color may be, be bold and throw in a piece or two of it for the season’s capsule!  A bright red sweater, a pink cardigan, a deep blue dress…whatever “your” color is, embrace it in the form of a few colorful additions to your neutral base, and then you know you’ll feel beautiful in it each time you reach for the piece: it’s YOUR color, after all! 🙌🏼


Wearing a SMALL in the sweater, but (if high necks didn’t bother me, ha!) I would have opted for a size up.  It has a perfectly boxy cut that pairs great with a front tuck into higher waist jeans for that cozy, oversized look.


So, that just begs the question: what is YOUR color?!  Are you drawn to neutrals in your wardrobe more often, or do you already mix things up with color and pattern galore?  Hope this was helpful to you as you curate your own capsule wardrobe this season!  To read more on my easy 5 step capsuling process, click [HERE]!

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    January 17th, 2019 at 9:12 am

    these all look great!!!

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    April 9th, 2019 at 1:38 pm

    Love this idea.
    I will have to do this very soon
    Thank you for the idea.
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