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My husband, y’all.
This fella is my biggest cheerleader and the unsung hero of all my Cotton Stem-y-ness.  He happily goes along with whatever crazy decor idea I come up with next, hammer in hand, just asking how he can help.  It’s not often that he has a solid preference when it comes to how our home is styled, except for one thing: he wanted a BIG family sofa that we could all fit on for snuggles.  You know the kind: squishy, sink down in for a long nap, sprawl out for family movie nights, extra super cozy. The sofa we’ve had for awhile is so beautiful and unique and checks all my design boxes, but it he still wanted that snuggle factor.  😉  Really, really wanted to do this for him, because he truly asks for so little when it comes to our home’s look (plus…I heart him).  And so….the hunt began!

Only problem?  We couldn’t find one that fit HIS desire for big-time squishiness that also vibed with MY love of home design and creating a certain style…unless the compromise sofa was wayyyy out of our price range.  We researched for a few months before coming across a company called Sixpenny which specializes in crazy comfy couches that don’t sacrifice on the design end of things.  We chatted back and forth a bit, and they helped me zero in on the Devyn fabric sectional.  It solves so many of the issues we were facing on our Hubby + Wife Compromise Sofa hunt:

1. The snuggle factor is REAL with big, sink-in-able, deep-seat cushions and room for our large family to all cuddle together comfortably (with room for an extra kitty or three….😉)  This was the top wishlist item for hubby, and I gotta say…he was onto something.  This thing is the coziest addition to the house.

2. The design factor is there for me: sleek lines mixed with cozy cushions and a washed linen finish.  It’s big and soft looking, but it still retains structure and gives off a worn-in look with the washed linen slip cover.  Modern farmhouse vibes.

3. The family-friendly factor is obvious: SLIPCOVERS!!  Y’all know I love me some slipcovered furniture with kiddos and pets, and these covers are removable for dry cleaning if (scratch that…WHEN) stains happen.  The fabric I chose is a washed linen in Cornsilk, I think this would be my only wish-list change that they could be machine-washed, but hey.  A trip to the dry cleaners three or four times a year isn’t that bad for a brand new (looking), spotless sofa…in a house with four young kids and four furry animals!  Plus, they’ll send over swatches for you to check out colors and textures before you buy.  So handy. 🙌🏼

4. The price factor is relatively reasonable when you start comparing similar sofas in this size/depth.  For full disclosure, we ended up being gifted the Devyn sofa in exchange for an honest review after we began our hunt, but we were prepared to purchase before that was ever an option.  The only other two sofas in this oversized length/width and with the deep seat option were double if not triple the cost of the Sixpenny Devyn, so it’s definitely a brand to consider if you are in the market or might be soon.

We’ve had our new sofa for a few weeks now, and lemme just tell ya: no one wants to get up.  Ever.  Like, EVER.  Mom has claimed the seat with the added ottoman, and I will set up camp for the day with my snacks, drink, book, and laptop…and then I remember that I have four tiny children who never let me SIT THE FREAK DOWN.  😩😂  But!!  When I do get a chance to chillax, it’s snuggled into that deep chaise section of the sofa.  Legit like having a bed in the living room!  All six of us can snuggle together comfortably, it’s got removable slip covers, the price was less than half of any comparable sofas we could find, and the squishy vibes are perfectly balanced by the sleek design.  BOOM.  Win win win win!!

If you’re in the market for a new family sofa, be sure to check out Sixpenny’s Devyn [HERE], or any of their other beautifully designed couches (we also really liked the Neva [HERE])!  Family movie nights just got a whole lot snugglier up in here, y’all.  😉  Hope this helps if you’re in the market, or pin this post to Pinterest to save if you might be later on!
Off to snuggle!

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  1. Danielle says:

    Love the new couch!! I’m interested in your decor ideas you mentioned about your curtains, I’m having the same issue with our new comfy couch!

  2. Tiffany says:

    So comfy looking! We have a Taylor Scott sofa that’s about 12 years old and the new cover is about $3,000! Might as well buy a whole new couch at that price. These are a fantastic price point.

  3. Stacy says:

    We are searching for a new sofa and I love this couch!! They seem well made and at a great price. Only question I have is if all their fabrics are dry clean only or if there’s any that are machine washable….do you happen to know?

  4. Stephanie DeCoster says:

    Thanks Erin! We will be on the hunt for a new couch this next year as we have “loved” your old one out!

  5. Wendy says:

    First of all, thank you for finding me this couch! 😂 I have wanted something like this for a few years now! Big, oversized & squishy! Would you share which length you got along with filling and cover?


  6. Susan says:

    Wasn’t your “old” coach pretty new from your Painted Fox collection? What did you do with that one?

  7. Debbie Bowling says:

    I love your coffee table, where did you find it?

  8. Debbie Bowling says:

    I love your coffee table, where did you find it please?

  9. Marie says:

    Love the couch. What are the dimensions of the sectional?

  10. Allyson says:

    I love this couch! I wish it could fit in my home

  11. Suzy England says:

    Hi there!
    are you still enjoying your sixpenny sofa? i have been researching sofas for weeks and have narrowed my search down to their elias sofa in black pepper lightweight linen. i am *this close* to ordering but reaching out to owners to get their honest take after living with it for a while. are the cushions holding up? Can you flip the cushions (specifically the bench cushion)? sorry for so many questions. just trying to be confident in purchasing a sofa sight unseen.

  12. Tracy Farrall says:

    Hi, I’m looking into purchasing a sixpenny devyn and am having a hard time picking fabric. I love the light color of corn silk but worried about durability. The light weight linen looks a little more sturdy but they don’t have light colors. Are you really happy with the corn silk? Is it wearing nicely? I have both kids and dog and would like this couch to be “the Couch”. thanks

  13. Sleep Center says:

    I loved the sofa. Thanks, Erin, for sharing the challenges you faced. I loved the pillows. Can you share where you bought them?

  14. Emily M says:

    I don’t mean to be rude, but this article got me very excited, we are currently couch-shopping… but this couch, just the 3 seater now starts at$4,449? I would not consider that affordable at all.

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