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Cozy Winter Vibes – How To Decorate After Christmas!

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Brick wall.  I’ve hit one.  While this isn’t actually a REAL problem to have 😉, I do love making my house feel homey and sort of using it like a canvas for creativity….but the problem is that no creativity is flowin’ these days regarding winter decor!  😩 I don’t know if it was the insanity of doing two Christmas decor set-ups in only one season this year for the magazine shoot we had or what, but I am just drawing a BLANK while trying to decorate for winter!  I’m wanting a comfy, cozy, neutral vibe with a lot less, well, LESS than I had out for Christmases #1 and #2 😉, but…I just can’t get started.  The ol’ brains are tired, y’all.

Thought maybe some of you might be feeling this way after the happy swirl of Christmas decor and festivity, so I thought I’d share some of the inspo that has really stuck out to me this week while trying to find my rhythm as we move into the chilly winter months!  How to get a finished decor feel without the clutter of holiday cheer?  Check out these beautiful ideas and homes below, and let me know in the comments which look is speaking to you!



CottonStem.com how to decorate for winter farmhouse style cinnamon sticks
CottonStem.com how to decorate for winter farmhouse style cinnamon sticks
(Photo Credit: Vintage House | Celebrate Creativity | Hitch and Arrow | Fabulous Foods)

Cinnamon Sticks to add aroma and warmth  

While usually associated with fall and Christmas, I think it could be fun to still incorporate cinnamon sticks into winter decor!  Would add such a yummy fragrance to any space, plus they are still a nice neutral to work with.  I think my favorite from above are the wrapped linen napkins with sprigs of evergreen and cinnamon sticks.  Simple and beautiful.



CottonStem.com how to decorate for winter neutral farmhouse decor taper candles brass candlesticks
CottonStem.com how to decorate for winter neutral farmhouse decor candle centerpiece
(Photo Credit: MODwedding | Hey Wedding Lady | Kristy Hogan for Cedarwood Weddings | Elizabeth Anne Designs)

Candles, Candles and more Candles!

With four little ones plus three cats, we sometimes opt for battery-operated candles, but either way, nothing creates a cozy, warm, moody-in-a-good-way atmosphere like a whole lotta candles grouped together.  Tapers or pillars, brass or painted wood candlesticks, whatever the grouping, white candles for a winter vibe works for me!



CottonStem.com how to decorate for winter neutral farmhouse decor cozy blankets pillows
CottonStem.com how to decorate for winter neutral farmhouse decor fireplace
(Photo Credit: Craftberry Bush | Aiken House and Garden | @willowbloomhome | @blessedmilhouse)

Cozy Blankets and Pillows with a seat near the fireplace

I may or may not have a slight blanket/throw pillow addiction, but there’s never a better time to layer up your cozy spaces with soft, plush throws and pillows to create a snuggled up vibe to keep away the winter chill!  One of my favorite ways to decorate in winter is to layer lots and lots of neutral pillows and blankets of all different textures.  It creates visual interest while sticking to a wintery-neutral color palette that I love!



(Photo Credit: @ninaandcecilia | @lizlovegrowswild)

Leave the Naked Trees Up!

I love the snowy look of flocked Christmas trees, and, once the ornaments are removed, the really can give off such a beautiful wintery forrest vibe…maybe just leave ’em up a little longer!  😉


Hope this gave you buddies some winter decor inspo, and I think rounding this up for you has given me to push I need to get things looking a little less bare around here, ha!  Which wintery touch draws you most?  Any other ideas to share with us?

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  1. Denise says:

    Are you going to decorate for Valentine’s Day because that’s a good holiday to decorate for inbetween Christmas & spring. ❤

  2. Sandee says:

    This year I just didn’t do winter decor. Of course the fact that our entire winter so far has been 65° pretty much. It’s hard to be winter creative when it’s not very cold. I know I really shouldn’t complain, however I happen to love winter! Fireplaces, warm sweaters, scarves, all the things. So I just did lots of plants and kept it extremely simple. Maybe next year 😉😎

  3. Clara says:

    The idea of lots of candles although my husband was once a fireman and won’t let real candles but i do use barrery filled. But i need to group more.

  4. Lisa says:

    Always candles in the winter for those cozy vibes, mixed in with some greenery, whether real or fake just warms things up in our home after Christmas.

  5. Lindzie says:

    I love them all! I’m a sucker for pillows and cozy throws. I think next year I’m going to leave a bare flocked tree up for January. I think it’s such a great wintery touch!

  6. Lindzie says:

    I love them all! I’m a sucker for pillows and cozy throws. I think next year I’m going to leave a bare flocked tree up for January. I think it’s such a great wintery touch! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Anita says:

    I totally love all these inspo ideas! I seriously still have all my Christmas STILL up! 😳😂 Not even kidding. I got it up late this year and didn’t feel ready to take it down, but now I’m so done with it. Especially after seeing these ideas. These images are making me crave a more calming environment. I guess I better get busy. 😂

  8. Great ideas! Candles…I love both jar types and candle holders, even tapers. I love the addition of color…greens mostly, blush. I love huyggy blankets and pillows also. I’ve used bulbs and suculens this year…if course California weather is usually perfect even in winter, so pretty snow is a special treat😁

  9. Jaesie says:

    Love the layered candle sticks on the dining table, and the naked flocked trees! Totally scream winter vibes😘 Also super simple to transition from Christmas with all these options. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Joy says:

    This happened to me last year!!

    I perused Pinterest and got the same ideas!

    I also use owls ( snow owl?) to decorate my

    I opted for sweater and fur pillows!

  11. Love the inspiration! We moved into our new home mid-November and are doing lots of home projects, so sadly we didn’t decorate for Christmas. 🙁 And now that these home projects are getting done (like painting, new light fixtures, etc.), I’m itching for spring. But I love ALL the greenery, ALL the white candles and wood-toned candlesticks, ALL the blankets and pillows (year round!)… And my drop cloth curtains in the dining room (Thanks, Erin!) are really making me excited to decorate my farmhouse table for Spring. I think I’ll spend some time today looking at World Markets linens!!!

  12. Tilesbay says:

    Mind-blowing. 🙂

  13. […] over at Cotton Stem is the sweetest soul. She has four beautiful girls and cozy home! In her blog post she gives tips on how to decorate after Christmas that I think you will […]

  14. Margaret says:

    Pure Carpet Cleaners is awesome!

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