Didn’t keep ’em all…but I sure tried them all on for ya!
Rounding up some of the cutest and comfiest fall mules for the upcoming season, and there are shoes for all budgets! After trying on almost 40 pairs of shoes to test out fit and quality, I’ve narrowed it down to these below! Click beneath the picture for affiliate source links.

Woven Cognac Mules

I’ve had the second pair from the left for almost 3 years, and I love the woven look of this chill style so much! Here are some other versions of this style of mule in neutral fall tones.

(click picture below to shop!)

1 – Fits TTS (true to size) and has a pointier toe than mine. It’s a great remake of the ones I’ve had for years, and if mine ever wear out, I might switch to these!

2 – Fits TTS and is so so comfy. I’ve worn my pair OUT, y’all…and they’re still going strong! They were very worth the investment for how often I wear them.

3 – Fits TTS but is a bit on the narrow side. If you have a narrow foot and need a dressier look, these would be so cute at the office! They def read a bit more dressed up but w the same feel.

4 – These would be the best option for a wider foot, bc they have a bit more wiggle room. I’d also go up a half size.

Natural Fiber Neutrals

These neutral cuties can def go between seasons from spring into summer and on into fall, and I have been hunting down a pair to add to my own capsule wardrobe! These three options were my faves for different reasons…

(click picture below to shop!)

1 – This was my very favorite because of the low price tag and super comfy fit! Great for a medium to narrow foot, and it fit me true to size. So so cute!

2 – A great option for a wider foot! I’d go up a half size on this one.

3 – Loved this one for the office or dressier vibes, and the brand is one of my faves. The wedge heel made it super comfortable, and the sleeker cut dressed things up a bit! Fit TTS.

Classic + Timeless Cuts

Lots to choose from in this category, so I’ll show ya my three faves! I feel like these classic and timeless cuts and colors would be great additions to any wardrobe capsule, because they probably aren’t going out of style any time soon. Simple and lovely! Here’s my three faves…plus a few honorable mentions:

(click pictures below to shop!)

1 – I’ve had these for about a year or so, and they are one of my favorites bc of the classic cut, the pointier toe if I’m feeling like wearing w dresses, and the color is timeless. They fit TTS and will need a minute to break in as they are leather. Once they do, they’re like buttah! 😉

2 – Another timeless shape and in a pretty universal color, too! These have a higher stacked heel which was pretty comfortable, and they lend a masculine vibe to a cozy look. Dress them up or down! TTS.

3 – These are less expensive and pretty comfy, too! They are textured/woven and are adorable in person. Great for work or casual vibes. TTS.

Animal Prints

While I don’t usually gravitate toward animal prints, there were some super cute options out there…and I ended up keeping one! Read on to see which one was my fave.

(click pictures below to shop!)

1 – The keepers! If you peek up close, they are textured and don’t super scream “animal print” to me. Loved the simple cut, and they were comfy, too! I feel like these could be a subtle entrance into the world of animal prints for this gal… 😉 TTS.

2 – Snake skin for the win! I tried out 4 or 5 reptilian options, and these were my favorites in person. They don’t read cheap-y like some prints can, and even though they have variations because of the snake skin-like pattern, they pull towards a neutral. Would work for office, too! Go up a half size.

3 – Inexpensive option for some leopard print, and they fit TTS. If you want to try out the mules style, this could be a budget-friendly way to give it a spin!

When You Want to Wear Black

Even though I don’t usually wear a ton of black, I do like to have a few pairs of different style black shoes for when I do, and these were my two faves! The first pair I’ve had for awhile, and the second offer a pretty casual vibe. Both are great for dressing up a pair of those faux leather Spanx when ya don’t want to wear heels. 😉 Both fit TTS.

(click picture below to shop!)

Hope this little fall mules review was helpful! This is probably my favorite style of shoe, because I can just slide on and GO! Chasing after my four little cuties means getting shoes on quick, and I can look cute doing it with my mules, ha! 😉

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  1. Jenni says:

    I haven’t tried mules in a long time, these all look so good. I guess I NEED to go try on mules this weekend. Oh and I loved the sneak peek in your ig stories of your next fall giveaway, everything gave me all the cozy fall vibes! I’ve been eyeing that cute ‘let’s stay in’ sign for a while. It’s perfect for this homebody introvert!

  2. Tisha says:

    This was a lot of work for you! Thank you for all the great ideas 🙂

  3. Ginia says:

    Hi, did I miss notes about the clothes you are wearing in this segment? Most notably… The jeans in “Natural” and the sweater in “Classic.” Thanks!

  4. Kim says:

    Great post! Thanks for putting this together. I bought the tan Universal Thread pair a few weeks and absolutely LOVE them. I wear them to work as much as possible. Best $25 I’ve spent in a while! Can’t wait to pick another pair from your post to add to my collection 🙂

  5. Nicole says:

    Will you share the source for your sweater jacket in the black mules segment? Love this post! Thank you!

  6. Susan says:

    Hi Erin!! Can you share where you got the sweater you have on in the Classics group? So cute!! Thanks!

  7. Lacy says:

    SO helpful! Thank you for this haul…making some orders shortly!

  8. Joyce Sandusky says:

    Loved the mule try-on session. Tried to find Seychelles mule but sold out in my size/color. But, I found same Seychelles style in a bootie and I love them. Thanks for doing all the legwork.

  9. dressaspace says:

    Hi Erin! Fantastic post, thank you for sharing your classic style & tips! Where did you get your Area Rug?! The Sage Green, Beige, Ivory tones. It is really gorgeous! Thank you for any feedback “- )

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