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I was pinning to my Pinterest account the other day trying to find ideas for Valentine’s DIY crafts for the girls, and they spotted a pretty heart garland curtain thingy and asked if I’d help them make it for their playroom.  We headed over to Hobby Lobby to see what supplies they wanted to use for their own version, and we got to work on their project today…it was so fun!  Here’s how we worked together to create a fun, easy DIY heart garland curtain!


-thick yarn
-festive craft paint
-extra fine glitter
-foam brushes
-wooden craft hearts
-staple gun
-hot glue gun
-thin piece of scrap wood

The ladies got to work painting the little wooden hearts they chose, and before the paint was dry, we sprinkled each heart with a bit of glitter.  (GLITTER EVERYWHERE OH MAN.)  Obviously, the glitter was their favorite part, le sigh. 😉  Looking back, I think we should have taken the time to paint both sides of the hearts, because once attached to the yarn, they sort of swirled around and you could see the unpainted side.  Meh.  Not a big deal, but something to note if you want to give this a try!

This month o’ love, I’m trying to “love well,” my sort of theme for the month of February.  Obviously it’s Valentine’s Day month, but more than the hearts and the pink and the candy, I want to really examine if I’m doing my best to love my favorite people well.  For example, what to do my girls love?  If they love crafts and glitter and decorating their playroom in all the festive things, I need to hop on board that train and love doing it, too.  I need to ignore messy paint hands and instead soak in the full hearts and huge smiles I see when I get out of the way and let them show me just how to love them well.  Big ways, small ways, and everything in between.  So.  That was today.  My attempt at loving them well through craft paint and glitter. 😉❤️  Also looking ahead to a little playroom refresh for them since this is the room the love so much (and I love THEM so much!).  Might be time for some new shelving and organizational items in here, bc right now…it’s crazy town. 😉  Rounding up some picks with Walmart bc of the low prices, and I’m thinking THESE shelves or maybe THESE, paired with BASKETS and some organizational BINS…?  Currently pondering!

To assemble the curtain, we measured the height and width of their playroom doorway and then snipped lengths of yarn to correspond.  It only took one package of yarn to create a pretty full looking garland curtain!  Dad attached the yarn strands to the back of piece of scrap wood we had in the garage from some project or another, and then we flipped the wood over to hide the frayed yarn ends and staples.  Afterword, he mounted the wood and yarn contraption above their doorway, and I attached the wooden hearts in a random pattern to each strand with hot glue.  Now the girls can make a dramatic entrance and exit to and from the playroom…just as requested!

Harvey the goldendoodle was also very helpful.
He “loves well” by snuggling me at every possible opportunity, and I WILL TAKE IT!

There you have it!  Quick and easy DIY Valentine’s Day heart garland curtain chosen and made by my girlies for their farmhouse playroom!  I love that THEY love to craft and decorate and just be with me (and their daddy), and you know what?  That’s how they love ME well.  I could learn a thing or two from them. 😉

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  1. Kristin says:

    I love it!! Your girls are precious!!! 🥰🥰

  2. Carolyn says:

    It came out so good. Very cute!

    Harvey is so sweet and calm. He’s going to be a big boy.

  3. Melissa says:

    Oh my goodness, they’re so sweet! I love how they had to be in their ~Valentine’s finery~ for their craft! 😂

  4. Danielle says:

    This is too cute! And what memories your peeps will cherish in the future. ♡

  5. Robyn says:

    They sure do love their parents. Great projects like this boost their confidence and they can enjoy everyday. You’re doing a great job momma!

  6. Olivia says:

    This is precious!!!! So cute and sweet… love the final picture!

  7. Shannon says:

    So cute and your girls are adorable! Haha! The Paul nailish is the cutest! Loved when my kids said things like that.

  8. Rudy says:

    If this, the littles, you and even Mr Cottenstem aren’t the cutest!! I think my granddaughters would LOVE doing this for their doorway into their walk in closet. Thank you Erin for sharin!

  9. Robin Snodgrass says:

    It looks fantastic girls, great job!!! Glitter, paul nailish and all! Thanks for sharing Erin you loved well❣❣❣❣

  10. Robin says:

    It looks fantastic girls, great job!!! Glitter, paul nailish and all! Thanks for sharing Erin you loved well❣❣❣❣

  11. Jennifer says:

    So so cute!!! Makes me miss my babies that are adults now!! Love your posts!!

    BTW I was the original Jenns SHE SHED!
    I make handmade signs and sell at booth at our local antique store!! I’m very jelly of your shed!!!!

  12. Awww it looks so cute! I’m so glad it turned out well “their way.” I totally understand wanting to try to control everything and not listen to others’ opinions/not letting them get involved. I love your theme for the month!

  13. Lana says:

    Hello…just FYI, I work at a store that sells lots of glitter stuff around the holidays. We always tell customers to spray their ornaments etc that have glitter with hairspray. It will keep it contained ont he hearts and not all over your floor. Especially as they do dramatic entrances and exits.😊

  14. Pauline says:

    Momma & Dad Cottomstem, you two are the BEST parents 4 li’l women could have!
    I love the ❤️💕❤️ Curtain! You know, your daughters will NEVER forget the things you and hubs do with then. This is what it is all about. I admire you and your family so much.

  15. Lillian Smith says:

    Adorable , I loved watching this . Now that is a how to please and do what your kids want to do and embrace it ! You two parents rock ! They girls did a great job! Love love love , I want my young kids back 😘

  16. Rhonda England says:

    So wonderful. Enjoyed watching all on stories also. Love how you guys bring out the littles creativity. Just wonderful.

  17. Autumn says:

    This project is so so cute!! You had all the girls involved the entire time 👏🏼🥰
    I really enjoy watching your projects come to life!

  18. Melissa says:

    Love it. You are the best parent, and so is your husband! Loved this in your stories.

  19. Jessica says:

    What a wonderful idea. My daughters are in teen/tween stages and how I miss them being little and doing fun crafty projects.

  20. Dale says:

    Adorable curtain. Such fun! Your girls are gorgeous……a lovely family…….love well….
    Perfect! 💗💗💗💗

  21. Kelly says:

    I love this idea! Your girls are so adorable and so sweet! 😍 this turned out great! They are like their mama! Great decorating ideas! ❤️💖

  22. Heather Morgan says:

    Love this so much! Your girls are so cute!!

  23. Tisha says:

    Love it! I love how much fun they had ❤️

  24. Georgie says:

    You are such a good mama. I love seeing everything you do with your precious family.

  25. Susie Lozada says:

    Wow it looks beautiful 😍. You guys are awesome parents ❤️. The girls had such a precious time. I enjoyed watching they were so excited to be part of it all. I love it!!!!! God bless you and your family always.

  26. Kimberly says:

    Amazing and adorable what a great fun craft idea. I love it.

  27. Beth says:

    How wonderful! Making memories are the best times. I admire you for letting them use the glitter. I would also restrict access to glitter glue only. 😊

  28. Erin Allen says:

    Oh shoot! If my kids see this, I’m screwed because they will want to immediately follow suit! 😆😆😆lol! Absolutely darling! So impressed with your “go with the flow free-spiritedness”. I too am type A and was completely empathizing with your glitter concerns. I love it! Way to go Erin and kiddos!!!!!

  29. Christina says:

    So so so cute I like how to still manage to incorporate their crafts into your design and have it look cute in your home! your girls are absolutely beautiful too all your pictures of them look like ads for children’s boutiques 🤗love your page!

  30. Heather says:

    That looks amazing! You all did a great job and you were so patient and kind and listened so well to your mom and dad during the project! You have an amazing family that “Loves Well”.

  31. Becky says:

    Thanks for sharing. Loved watching this unfold in your stories and I absolutely love your theme!! Would love to know if you have a different theme planned for every month.. great idea, btw! Thanks for all the inspo! Love everything you do!

  32. Patty says:

    Great job girlies!! What a beautiful doorway you created! Can you come to my house and make me one?! 😉 I love the sparkle!! 💖

  33. Sarah says:

    WoW ! I just had my first kid, a precious little girl and your crew makes me wanna have four ! Seriously you have such luck to have 4 wonderful girls !!

    Great craft by the way ! 😛

    Love following you on Instagram and everything!

  34. Jamie Patton says:

    Love! Headed to Hobby Lobby! Also, I love the metal bins next to the chalkboard. Still available??

  35. Ingrid says:

    Loved this project. Came out so cute! And your girls are adorbs🌸🤪

  36. Ingrid says:

    What an awesome idea🙌🌸came out amazing💗

  37. Sherri says:

    That is the cutest thing ever! As well as the girls, you and your hubby! I would have to leave it up until St. Patrick’s day at least! ❤🙋‍♀️

  38. Annette says:

    What a great FIT project! And a perfect opportunity to involve your beautiful girls. 💘

  39. Kerri says:

    It turned out sooo cute!! Love it! Where is your oversized chalkboard from? I’m looking to get one for our homework station.

  40. Karen says:

    Well that was well worth the wait for the correct link!! How adorable!! I love your craft room table and bench too!!!

  41. Lelanie says:

    Ha!I signed up for a newsletter from you probably six months ago, on different email addresses as it never seem to work. I eventually gave up, but now out of the blue I suddenly received it, which is great!

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