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Farmhouse Fall Entryway Decor – Copper and Navy Blue Pumpkins

So, here’s the deal.
I love fall.
I love pumpkins.
But…I don’t love ORANGE pumpkins.

I mean, in and of themselves, there’s nothing wrong with a happy orange pumpkin.  Orange just isn’t my favorite color with which to decorate my home.  Last year, I stuck with pumpkins in pale greens, light blues and creamy whites, and you can see that post [HERE].  I loved the softness of last year’s fall decor, but I found myself missing that warmer, traditional fall tone usually found by using classic orange pumpkins.  How could I achieve that warm, cozy fall look without busting out bright orange all over the place…?

CottonStem.com farmhouse fall decor copper pumpkins

That’s when it hit me: COPPER!
I have been collecting vintage copper pieces slowly over the years, and I have a handful of copper tea kettles.  They are round and burnished copper…which sort of reads as pumpkin-esque in my eyes!  I thought I’d bring in my copper tea kettles to use as stand-ins for the classic orange pumpkin, and I LOVE the way the warm copper plays so nicely with my favorite pale green/blues, creamy whites and pops of navy!
(Pumpkins pictured were purchased [HERE]!)

CottonStem.com farmhouse entryway fall decorations copper pumpkins

CottonStem.com vintage layered windows fall decor shiplap

Vintage windows layered on top of one another (DIY blog post coming soon…!), my antique wooden church pew, navy and pale green pumpkins, plus….y’all knew I had to make it at least a LITTLE weird, right?!  I love how all my boho buddies have hanging plants all over the place, creating whimsy and texture.  I thought I’d try to accomplish the same effect by suspending a few of my vintage copper tea pots filled with soft lamb’s ear to add interest!  My plants may be fake, but my love of happy green is all real! πŸ˜‰πŸ™ŒπŸ»

CottonStem.com vintage layered windows farmhouse fall decorations

CottonStem.com farmhouse blue pumpkin pillow fall decor

CottonStem.com blue pumpkins vintage copper farmhouse fall decor

To add layers and interest, I grabbed these chippy old desk drawers and stacked them up, filling them with pumpkins in all shades of blue.  To create that traditional warm fall color palette, I popped in a few more vintage copper pieces which added that classic fall coppery orange!  Throw in a sweet custom farmhouse fall pillow from Porter Lane Home [HERE], wood lamps and navy pillows (linked below), and I’m loving how this welcoming farmhouse fall entryway came together today!

CottonStem.com farmhouse fall entryway decor copper navy

CottonStem.com farmhouse fall decorations navy blue pumpkins vintage copper

(Now…let’s be real…two seconds after snapping these pics, my baby demolished the pumpkins on the floor. 😩 A girl can dream, right?! I like to style areas of my home as if no curious babies lived here, snap a few pics for posterity and blog posts…and then pile it all up on the table out of reach once more. πŸ˜‰  Those copper pieces and floor pumpkins have a higher destiny though: dining table centerpiece.  I’ll show you soon!!)

Okay, tell me whatcha think?!  Too weird?!  πŸ˜‚  Honestly, I love the challenge of dreaming up creative, new ideas, and sometimes I feel like I’ll just explode if I don’t CREATE!!  This concept of using vintage copper to replace the classic orange pumpkin tones of fall decorations was so much fun to try and execute, and I’m pleased with the happy, farmhouse fall entryway!



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  1. Areeba says:

    Love love love!!! I just knew those kettles would be hanging!! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

  2. Kendra says:

    LOVE IT! That’s my fav color scheme. I’m obsessed with copper and am also not a huge fan of orange pumpkins. Wish I had your copper kettle collection!

  3. Tammy says:

    Love how you hung the tea pots! Loving the window backdrop too! It all Looks beautiful .

    • Erin | Cotton Stem says:

      I’ve been waiting for inspiration to strike with those windows, and I think the copper was cherry on top! Appreciate your kind words!

  4. Judy says:

    I love the copper! I never would have thought to use those as a stand in for orange pumpkins. Creative and beautiful! 😍

  5. Cory says:

    OH MY GOSH!!!! I love it!!! Seriously I wish I could do stuff like this in my home!!! You have such talent!!! AMAZING!!!❀️

  6. Jen says:

    My list of favorite things will always include: copper anything, pumpkins, warm woods, creamy greens and blues AND lamb’s ear. You nailed it!! It’s just beautiful!

  7. Terrinda Snowden says:

    You did it AGAIN!! Looks so good!! I envy that you can change stuff, and are good with all the holes. My husband is NOT about it lol. Do you just patch and texture on your walls that don’t have ship lap? Or just leave them and go with it. Anyways . Again, looks beautiful and they copper is a lovely idea!

    • Erin | Cotton Stem says:

      I know, wall holes are the price we pay for me to play. πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‚ We just patch and move on! A couple of the faux shiplap boards could stand to be swapped out, but I also kinda like the more rustic look on shiplap rather than the polished look….so a few nail holes don’t bother me too much. πŸ˜‰

  8. Diana says:

    OMG!!! So beautiful I love it!!! I’ve been following you all day to see what you were up to and it was so worth waiting for.!!

  9. Harika says:

    WOW! Such a fun space, love the copper idea <3 So different yet reminds you of all things fall!

  10. Rebecca Busboom says:

    It’s absolutely amazing! I LOVE it! Totally going to add copper to my fall! You are so talented! ❀️❀️❀️

  11. Lindzie says:

    Ahhhh-mazing! Just love your creative ideas! Y

  12. Janine says:

    Absolutely another Magazine cover!!! Just Gorgeous honey!!! Your so creative!!

  13. Jill says:

    I love everything about your entry way! 😍 It turned out great!

  14. Kristie says:

    Amazing! You killed it in the best of ways, Erin. And I’m not surprised in the least. Your talent is something to be talked about πŸ™‚ not weird at alllll! And so beautiful!

    • Erin | Cotton Stem says:

      Wow, that means so much, Kristie! Thank you for taking time out of your night to stop by over here!

  15. Sandee says:

    It’s amazing, nothing weird about it. I LOVE your creativity and thinking way outa da box πŸ˜‰
    I love the use of copper to the mix. Decor, especially holiday decor should be lighthearted and fun. Your entry looks very inviting. 😍

  16. Candi says:

    Gorgeous as always! Love the Cooper…sophisticated orange achieved!

  17. Brooklyn Taylor says:

    I love fall ❀️❀️ So friggin much. Like I’m not myself until September and then I go back into grinch mode in December-August πŸ™„ I love any color pumpkin but these copper kettles are to die for!!!!!! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜©πŸ€—

  18. Emily says:

    I love the copper with the pumpkins and I wish I had that many pumpkins to work with! 😍😍 Love the window art and the pew chairs too!

  19. Anna lindsey says:

    Yes! I love it and thank you for the permission to not love orange (because I’m so with you on this!) totally stealing all these ideas. I have an d church pew that been sitting outside my house forever and I’m gonna use it! You have inspired me girl!

  20. Angie says:

    Erin!!!! That looks amazing! I have been waiting all day to see your idea, and I have to say you did great!!! I have never perosnllag thought of using copper until I saw it all on your feed! ❀️❀️❀️ Happy fall ya’all!

  21. Bridget says:

    Erin it’s gorgeous! You are so talented and creative! I love how this turned out. 😍

  22. Miriah says:

    This turned out so cute!!! I love the Cooper touches– such a good idea.

  23. Miriah says:

    Oops—-Copper!! Lol

  24. Lisa says:

    Love everything about it, even those babies invadingπŸ‘β€οΈ

  25. Traci says:

    Great colors and layers of interest! I’m glad you mentioned that about your baby. I was looking at the pics and thinking how mine would destroy. I was like..such talent and has a baby that stays out of her cute stuff. πŸ˜‰

  26. Shay Dotson says:

    I love how you think outside of the box!! WOW!!! That’s all I know to say. Thanks for your stories and ides.

  27. Amber says:

    Absolutely Love it all ! I was hoping you were going to hang them! Awesome talent you have lady! Random question, I have a personal IG account but love adding decor and my #farmart pics… do you think I would get more followers if I did a separate account just for that? I post a lot lol let me know your thoughts ! Thank you

  28. Michele says:

    Love it ! Amazing ! Stunning! ! Not weird at all ! You should have your own magazine! Erin you are so talented! I can’t wait for your next project! 😊

  29. Lauren says:

    WOW just WOW! Erin this looks amazing! I so agree with the copper. I just love how it brings in the fall decor. I just started adding some to my shelves as I started adding in a few fall pieces.

  30. Teresa says:

    I love every detail .. brilliant!! You have become my first go to every morning as I have my coffee.. you inspire me ❀️

  31. Lisa says:

    I love it! The windows are just awesome! I love how you used the copper items for orange pumpkins. I love all the colors and I think I am going to borrow some ideas. I love how you think out of the box πŸ“¦. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Tricia says:

    I love what you have done. The copper is such a unique idea. I can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve. I will be decorating for fall the first week of Sept. Thank you for your inspirations!

  33. RenΓ©e says:

    I LOVE IT, Erin. Funny that I don’t like the color orange either, and having orange pumpkins all over my house was never appealing to me. I love the copper idea, and I love how you hung the copper on the windows! Really unique and beautiful.

  34. Amanda Hetland says:

    LOVE it all!!! It’s just amazing! The copper tea pots are genius – and totally take the place of orange. So creative and pretty!!

  35. Rachel says:

    Love! I too hate using organge. Perfect way to bring in the warm tone! Bravo πŸ‘πŸ» ❀️

  36. Marci says:

    Love this Erin!!! It turned out so pretty! My favorite part is the hanging kettles with greenery! What about a copper kickplate for your door?

  37. Becky says:

    Newbie to your blog posts, love this! Are all your pumpkins real or did you diy paint some fakes? I’d love to see your post on that!

  38. Alana Etchison says:

    I love it ❀️ I’m adding navy this year too! I found some cute things the other day, but haven’t put it together yet. You keep up the creative juices! 😘

  39. Jessica says:

    Looks amazing!!! I love your style! You have a true gift!!!

  40. Shanda says:

    So so so good!!! And those old seats are beautiful! Love the use of copper – you’re absolutely right, super warm and cozy. The perfect fall pop.
    Thanks for taking the time to chat to us everyday on Insta – you’re such an inspiration of dedication and love, in the things that really matter.

  41. Angie says:

    Love it! May steal a few ideas after labor day it’s like 100 degrees here in FL. Hugs.

  42. Laura says:

    Wow! Absolutely love!! I love fall and it’s never too early to decorate. How do you keep it looking so good with little hands? I don’t decorate much because I’m worried my kids will break it.

  43. karen says:

    Very creative and not weird.

  44. Heather says:

    I absolutely love the cooper mixed in! The kettles are so perfect with the soft greens…I can relate to the non-love of pumpkin-y orange. Last year I replaced orange with rose gold tones mixed with cream and I loved it!

  45. So glad you shared! I think I need to grab some copper paint and run amok! I’ve not liked orange much since living through that phase way back when… I think I can “modify” some of those tones with copper! Thank you, thank you, thank you 🍁.

  46. Melissa says:

    I love everything about this!!! I have some copper things as well as some white pumpkins and I love all of your ideas!! So original! ❀️

  47. Gigi says:

    Ok, Iam so crushing on this whole fall feel!
    You are so ridiculously creative … and I mean that in the best of ways! πŸ™‚ Love the mix of rich dark wood tones with the aged copper kettles ! Then that touch of sweet silver lambs ear…
    goregous! So so ready for fall …thanks for setting the tone!

  48. Patti says:

    I absolutely love it! I’m a copper fan myself, and usually have copper displayed year round…. you’ve made copper look new, interesting and so dang creative!
    Fan-flippin-tastic !!!

  49. Andrea says:

    Oh MY GOODNESS! This is absolutely amazing! It’s bursting with greatness! The copper “pumpkins” are wonder idea and the hanging pots add that perfect Erin touch! NAILED IT!

  50. Angela says:

    Gorgeous!! I have those same wooden benches on my back porch. You’ve inspired me to maybe move them inside sometime! Love the touches of copper and navy you pulled in. You are my #decoratorgoals

  51. Andrea Hulme says:

    Hi Erin! I love the fall decor. It’s makes me want to decorate for fall right away. I tried clicking on the pictures for sources but nothing happens when I do. I was wondering where you got the lambs’ ear and the wreaths. Thanks so much! Andrea

  52. Lisa says:

    Omg you totally nailed it (no pun intendedπŸ˜‚) love the color scheme and the homey, cozy feel this gives. Such a beautiful show stopper! Love!

  53. Lisa says:

    Oh my goodness it’s fabulous!! Love the riff on orange using cooper teapots! And the layered chippy window wall with the pops of lambs ear is awesome! I think ur a creative force, and a sweetie to boot, that makes a house feel like a welcoming home!

  54. Bobbie Dickerson says:

    One word Erin. BEAUTIFUL! You are amazing!!!

  55. Nancy says:

    Erin!!!!! This may be my favorite installation you’ve designed. I adored all things copper and planned to incorporate it into my Fall decor this year. I appreciate that are doing this “early” as it gives us time to gain inspo and decorate our homes with plenty of time to enjoy it.
    Love you to bits friend!

  56. Sue says:

    Different is why I come here LOL. you always add that unique element that sets you apart – it keeps your ideas from looking like a store display. Keep those “crazy” ideas coming because you have a fan here πŸ˜€

  57. Kathie Wehman says:

    I just love it!! I just saw it this morning. When I look at your page it is always something that is a little out of the box and that’s why I follow you. Love your page not only for decor but fashion and other ideas. It makes you very real with your husband and 4 girls!!! Love it πŸ˜€

  58. Linda says:

    Love it! It makes me want everything light and farmhouse feeling. I didn’t do the white pumpkins last fall. I really didn’t buy anything at all. Instead of copper I use “rust.” And I mean rusted rust. My house is a loooonnnnggg cookie cutter ranch style that’s a little too dark for me. Maybe soon the lighter paint will make its way into my world one room at a time. Thank you for being a bright happy REAL spot in my day!

  59. Kelly says:

    Erin, it turned out perfect! Love the color scheme, it is warm and cozy like….well, fall!

  60. Lindsey says:

    Love it Erin!! As always😍 I am going to attempt the window collage in my entry way for fall…thanks for the inspo!

  61. Bravo, Erin! Not much more to say other than it’s just fabulous and creative and so way cool!!! I’m so not an orange pumpkin lover 🀒 Just love it!!

  62. Christina Thornton says:

    So beautiful! You are so talented . I have been spraying my orange pumpkins a rose gold color. I love the metallic with a soft hint of pink! Keep doing you. Erin ‘❀️

  63. Caitlin says:

    πŸ™‹πŸ½ Schmoo! Very cute!! Love the copper and the hanging planters!

  64. Trish White says:

    You just Amaze me with everything you do… so talented and inspirational every time I watch your stories or read your blog I feel I need to tackle a room in my house… Lol
    thanks friend for inspiring me each and everyday! πŸ’ž

  65. Erica says:

    You are so talented! I love how the Windows are overlapping. I would’ve never thought to do that. I also love all the copper. Who am I kidding, I love it all!!!πŸ’ž

  66. Erin says:

    Just beautiful Erin! Love the copper! And your mix of pumpkins! Your pillow looks darling styled on the bench too! ❀️ XO

  67. Em says:

    The addition of copper is pure genius. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

  68. Jackie says:

    This is so ridiculously amazing! I knew it would be good, but this is so much better than what I was imagining.

  69. Karen. Bailey says:

    Very beautiful,copper is so warm for fall! I’m a bit of copper hoarder too😜great ideas ! Why not use, we loved them for a reason🀣!!

  70. Megan says:

    Genuis idea incorporating copper! I’m not a huge fan of the traditional orange either so this is a very welcome idea! Love this post!

  71. Terri Kern says:

    Love!!!!!! Perfect welcome to your sweet home.

  72. Not weird at all (at least my opinion)… the artist in me loves out of the box unexpected designs. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Bravo, Bravo πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Can’t wait to see your dining room encor 😊

  73. Gosh! Everything you touch becomes beautiful.. I love the giant blue pumpkin with the gold lettering so much.
    Happy pumpkin season..

  74. Denice Hicks says:

    Oh my gosh!! This is absolutely stunning!! I’m redoing a guest bedroom in navies and grays and now may have to play around with a little copper in there…and throw in some greenish/blues to boot. Thanks so much for the inso!!! You’re tha bomb!

  75. Kelly says:

    I love every bit of this! The windows, the copper, the hanging pots! You’ve designed this space so beautifully and make it all look so easy! Come on fall! ❀️

  76. Adriana Fleury says:

    Ethereally splendid

  77. Jen says:

    Beautiful!! Have you ever written a post about decorating on a small budget? I have 4 kids (5 and under) and stay home so there’s only a small budget left for home decor.

  78. You’ve got such an eye, Erin! Replacing the old pumpkin orange for copper, GENIUS! Love the window panes and the hanging kettles. Texture upon texture upon gorgeousness!

  79. Cathy Frith says:

    SUPER FABULOUS!!!!… and I SO get what you mean when you say that sometimes you feel that you are going to explode if you can’t create.. For me, when I feel that way and I start creating and changing things up, it’s as tough as true sense of calm comes over me…

  80. Karla says:

    Looks amazing! You are such a creative person. I wish I had half of your creative brain!

  81. Jennifer Waldvogel says:

    Love it! 😍😍 Thanks for the inspiration!!

  82. Maggie says:

    You can come style my house….there’s no babies…just 1 messy maker with displays lining the wallsβ™‘

  83. Claire Muniz says:

    Love it Erin! I too went with the blues, greens and creams this year….just a little pick from Michael’s inspired me! Funny how I do this with decor but I also do it with clothes! A scarf could inspire a whole outfit for me, LOL!

  84. Jaesie says:

    So beautiful Erin!
    Love how it all came together so perfectly. You are so creative! I known you linked a few wreaths, but did you buy yours recently or is it a older one? Love it all! πŸ™‚

    • Erin | Cotton Stem says:

      This wreath came from a local antique shop, and I hunted high and low to find the exact one for you with no luck!

  85. Mandy (IG: HomeonSpringdale) says:

    Looks great. I am the same way with the fall color pallets. I have always been non traditional and swayed more towards the green and white and grays when it comes to the pumpkins and gourds. Also a huge lover of all things copper, so this turned out to be a stunning vignette!

  86. Karen says:

    LOVE IT ALL!!! You are such an inspiration.
    Question: Soft Lamb Ear foilage-the links are taking me to Pinterest board. I can’t find the soft lambs ear anywhere and I only want the soft kind!

  87. Rose says:

    Beautiful! I didn’t see the link the the wooden lamps… where are those from?

  88. Donna fitzpatrick says:

    Love it, especially the chairs/bench! Where did you find that beauty?

  89. Alysha says:

    Absolutely beautiful, Erin.

  90. Dawn says:

    Inspiring as always Erin thumbs up πŸ˜‰

  91. Melissa Fothergill says:

    This is so beautiful. You’ve been my inspiration for finally getting my home decorated! Real quick, when I click your “sources”, it doesn’t take me anywhere, or show any information. Am I missing something?

    Thank you!!!

  92. Sherrie Grimm Logan says:

    You’re a genius, that’s it! Love your style and I could not agree with you more about orange pumpkins. It’s why I typically don’t decorate, for Fall. However, once again, you’ve inspired me. I went to Michael’s and purchased pumpkins that make me happy. Still a work in progress, but hey, I don’t have to wait until Christmas to begin decorating! Thank you!!

  93. Missy says:

    Love the pumpkins from Michaels. ❀️Unfortunately, went today and they did not have the navy or dark blue. Cannot buy online. Any other suggestions of places to get. Love those colors together with the copper.

  94. Stacie Wilson says:

    I love the antique mirrors! Did you do that yourself? If so, how did you connect them?

  95. […] a copper wreath hanger, a copper candle holder and vintage copper tea kettles (a la Erin over at Cotton Stem!). I love the warmth the copper adds, and it goes perfectly with all of the natural elements I used […]

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