Five Cozy, Comfy Winter Looks I’m Mommin’ In!

(*This post is sponsored by Sole Society, and it’s a surreal honor to work with a brand I’ve shopped with for so long – thank YOU for supporting brands that help make this blogging dream of mine a real, live thing.  Appreciate y’all.)

Okay guys, after receiving LOTS of feedback from you guys over on Instagram about future content for Cotton Stem, you have been heard: it was a loud and resounding YES to weaving in more fun, lighthearted posts on comfy, affordable Mommin’ style!  Whether you do wardrobe capsules or not, it’s always fun to get new ideas, and I love hearing what my girlfriends are loving, too.  No matter how you fill your closet or organize your style, this is just for something FUN to do together! If we can’t go shopping in person, this is the next best thing, I say. 😉

I’m so grateful to you guys for embracing these small, happy changes in regards to Cotton Stem.  I get bored really easily if I don’t have a new challenge, a new adventure, a new way to create, and this avenue provides new ways to be creative, to challenge myself and to dream up content for you guys…plus searching up comfy, approachable, mom style in a mix of high/low price points is my JAM.  Glad y’all want to come “shopping” with me, too!  With that said, I wanted to share with you a few comfy, cozy looks I will be Mommin’ hard in all winter!

**For sizing reference:  between 5’8″ and 5’9″
and wear a 4/6 in pants and a S/M in tops.



One of my main goals in putting together outfits is to discover new ways to #Momoflauge….in other words, to appear on the outside like I’m put together and chic, but really, I’m wearing an outfit so comfortable that I don’t have the urge to change into softies the minute I get home, ha!  This outfit checks all the boxes big time – see below for links and details!

SWEATER: Nothing beats a classic, cozy cable knit sweater, and this one gives me all the winter vibes.  Wearing a size medium, and I also ordered the large to try on as I love an oversized sweater.  That looked cute too for an extra cozy vibe!  If you want the above fit, maybe go up just one size, or if you’re between sizes like me, choose the larger one.

JEANS:  I’ve had my eye on these suckers for awhile, because they claim to be “The Dream”…and they kinda are!  They sort of lift up some sag-butt in the back, they sort of tighten and firm things in the upper thigh area, they are like second-skin level of comfortable, they are a nice mid/high rise to lock and load all leftover baby squish in the tummy area, and if I had my eyes closed, I would think I was just in some really quality leggings.  THE DREAM. 😂🙌🏻  Ordered the 4 and the 6 and liked the fit of the 4 better, and I’m in the regular length.

BOOTIES:  My love for Sole Society runs deep as I’ve been shopping there for years and years, and these cutie booties are another reason why!  Comfy, flat ankle boots with a cute little pleated detail at the ankle, and this deep grey tone is such a nice neutral for all kinds of outfits.  Sole Society hits the perfect balance when it comes to style, price point and quality…loved these!  They fit true to size (TTS).

BAG:  How cute is this little saddle-style cognac vegan leather bag?!  I like to leave my ginormous mom-bag at home on date nights or when I go to vintage shops so I’m not knocking over breakables with my luggage-purse 😉, and this little cutie is the perfect size for a wallet, phone keys and lip gloss (…and LOTION.  Y’all know my feels on having my lotion at all times…😳😹).  Seriously adorable.





Love me some outfits that can pull double or triple duty: errands around town, quick trip to the gym, playing at home with my babies….CHECK, CHECK, CHECK!  🙌🏻  This look can cover so many bases, and while it swings a bit more towards athleisure, I still feel pulled together and cute while wearing it out and about!

HOODIE:  How COOL is this hoodie, you guys?!  I have the white one and loved it so much I grabbed up the pink.  It’s made for leggings with this longer length, and the zippers on the side add a cool edge to the athleisure vibe.  This would have been SO handy while I was nursing, too.  Talk about convenient!  Wear it unzipped or zipped down, it’s cute either way.  They run a bit big; I’d normally wear the small but have these in XS.

SHOES:  If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m obsessssssssed with these cuties!  I have them in black and pink I loved them so much!  So cheap, but they look like the more expensive athleisure shoes found at Nordstrom and the like.  These are a very pale blush pink with rose gold accents (🙀💞 ), and they fit true to size!

LEGGINGS: Good ol’ inexpensive yet quality pair of high-waist, large waist band compression leggings with that cute side panel with pink details!  Love when these go on sale.  They look so much more expensive than they are…win!!  I’m in the small here, and man that waist band, y’all….🙌🏻





Again I say, #Momoflauge is the way to GO, man. 🙌🏻  It might appear that I’ve put effort into my outfit and am looking put together, but it’s seriously just so comfortable….even and especially the boots!  See details below!

SWEATER: Love anything with a raglan cut on the sleeves, because you can go oversized and this type of sleeve allows for it!  Sometimes when I try to do the oversized look with regular sleeve seams, it’s sort of dumpy looking if the shoulder seam falls off the shoulder significantly.  But!  With a raglan cut, you can get away with an oversized look without appearing dumpy!  I tend to go for oversized, loose sweaters rather than snug, and this dusty pink pretty is perfect!  Feels like wearing a cozy, chill sweatshirt, but the velvet sleeves give it that put together touch!  I’m wearing the medium here.

JEANS: The Dream continues!!  Same jeans as above just in a darker wash.  WOW.  I really thing these were crafted by magical woodland elves….lady woodland elves who have had babies and know the exact places a girl could use a nice cuppage or tightening, ha!  😏

BOOTS: These pack a lot of style, but they are so dang comfortable, you guys.  Who knew I’d reach for over-the-knee boots when looking for something I can wear all day without sore feet, but these do the trick!  Love this taupe-y mushroom color, and I actually got a half size bigger than normal to account for socks.  Faves.





Whoever invented or brought back the jogger style pant needs a big fat face squeeze, because these are the most comfortable lounge pants everrrr.  Snug enough to pass for “running to the store” pants, but honestly, they feel like jammies.  The perfect pairing.  And…I wish I’d turned to the side in this pic so you could see the best part – zippers at the ankle!  Such a fun, versatile detail.  These are so similar to an expensive pair I’ve been eyeing from Nordstrom, and I’m so glad these entered my life instead!

JOGGERS: I’m in a small here, and I love how this cut is snug around the calf and ankle but just a bit more loose at the thigh.  So stinking comfy, plus POCKETS. 🙌🏻

SWEATER: An oldie but a goodie, and it’s proven worth every penny I paid two years ago!  In the XS/S combo size.

FUZZY SHOES: Another investment I’m glad I made two winters ago.  Nothing beats these fuzzy shoes, you guys.  TTS!




If being basic is wrong, I don’t wanna be right. 😹  This simple, easy look is, well….simple and easy!  And that’s kinda my jam.  Love looking all cutesy, but honestly, this is so my speed these days: slimming skinnies, fitted sweatshirt, adorable athleisure sneaks.  Running my kids all over the place, stopping at the grocery store, working in the she shed, cleaning the house – all things I can do in something easy like this!

SWEATSHIRT: On sale right now for like $15, and I love the fuzzy, textured letters.  Just a fun, easy top!  I’m in the small for a fitted look, but go up one size if you like a looser, cozy fit!

JEANS AND SHOES: Same as above!



 There ya have it!  Just a few additions to my winter wardrobe that I thought I’d share since I know my buddies love a good find, too. 🙌🏻  Cozy, comfy mommin’ style is my fave, and I hope these posts are a fun, lighthearted stop on your busy day, friends!  Appreciate you supporting this blog and making it so fun to create content for you guys! 💞

  1. Leandra

    January 11th, 2018 at 2:55 pm

    I have been rocking the AE cable knit, thanks to your suggestion! Comfy, cozy and I like the idea of looking together, even though I am a hot mess! Haha! I even washed it and it didn’t fall apart, or discolor (because I may or may not have washed it with colors, jeans, or anything that was in the washer or on the floor next to it 🤷‍♀️).

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