How to Make Whipped Coffee

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First of all, may I just say…YUMMO. 😍 Not only is this whipped (or dalgona) coffee beautiful to look at, it is so creamy and thick and delish, too! Since we can’t chat with girlfriends over a frothy cup o’ joe at our favorite shops currently, this whipped coffee sitch will help get us through! After reading through quite a few recipes online, here’s the basic recipe I keep seeing most often, pics of the process and what I’d change after making it for the first time today.


-2 T. instant coffee*
-2 T. granulated sugar
-2 T. hot water
-1 C. milk of choice

*recipe did NOT work with instant latte mix, and I think that’s bc it has dried milk in it perhaps? Never whipped up or changed consistency.

-hand mixer
-medium bowl
-rubber spatula

1. Combine the coffee, sugar and water in medium bowl
2. Whip on high speed with hand mixer until thick and frothy, approx. 7 minutes
3. Scrape down sides as needed
4. Add ice and milk to a glass leaving room for coffee mixture
5. Add whipped coffee to glass and stir gently

Whipped for 1, 3, 5 and 7 minutes

-For me, this was way too strong, so I’ll either add lots more milk or halve the coffee creation with my hubby.
-I’d also like to try a half-caf version mixing regular and decaf instant coffee granules. I’m a coffee lightweight, FYI.
-This was also not nearly sweet enough as is. Next time, I’ll either add another tablespoon of sugar and then split the end result with husband.

Have you tried this whipped coffee creation? I’m excited to play around with the recipe (adding cinnamon sounds yummy!), so I’ll be sure to report back once I do. Let me know if you’ve tried it and what works for you. Cheers, my friends.


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  1. Carmen says:

    Sounds amazing! I’m excited to play with the recipe to see the best way to sweeten the concoction. A little mint or chocolate I’m sure would only make it even better!

  2. Kelsey says:

    Try adding your favorite coffee creamer in with your milk. It should help make it sweeter or even adding a simple syrup in if you don’t like flavored coffee creamer. ❤️

  3. Kelsey Z says:

    Try adding your favorite coffee creamer in with your milk. It should help make it sweeter or even adding a simple syrup in if you don’t like flavored coffee creamer. ❤️

  4. Lynnette says:

    I ❤ this new whippy cup of java! Fits in perfectly for this self quarantine sitch we find ourselves in! I add a splash of my favorite creamer (right now hazelnut) to my milk before stiring in the caffeinated whipped goodness…oh and a girlfriend on Marco Polo for the perfect social distancing coffee date.

  5. Nicole says:

    Loved this simple coffee drink. But almost felt it was a little too much caffiene all at once for me. Liked your idea about half regular and half decaf.

  6. Corey says:

    Try adding ground turmeric and ground Ginger with the cinnamon for a natural anti-inflammatory that tastes so good! (One part cinnamon, half party each turmeric and ginger)

  7. I tried it with leftover regular brewed coffee. That didn’t work BUT I had some Dream Whip (whipped topping mix) in the pantry. I sprinkled some of that into the coffee, sugar, and splash of milk I added from my first attempt at getting it to fluff. The end result was AMAZING. It was an incredibly light, coffee-flavored whipped cream. Not strong at all and the perfect amount of sweet. Since you are a coffee light-weight, I bet you’d love this variation!

  8. Kristen Hodgkinson says:

    I tried this with leftover brewed coffee because I didn’t have instant coffee in the house. Epic fail. I added a splash of milk to see if that would get it to whip. No dice. Then I remembered that I had a package of Dream Whip whipped topping mix in the pantry. I grabbed that and sprinkled some on, little by little, until I had the lightest whipped cream I’ve ever had. Success! Coffee flavored whipped cream that was perfectly sweet. I had it in both iced coffee (I’m no expert so my iced coffee is leftover coffee, milk and ice) and hot coffee. Both were amazing! I can’t wait to try it with cinnamon and vanilla!

  9. Madison Bay says:

    Made this yesterday for myself and my mom, and we did a mug of milk with about a tablespoon of cold stone sweet cream creamer… #Amazing

  10. Lindsay says:

    I just made it today and I added a splash of creamer to my milk. It was really good but I think I whipped the coffee too much

  11. michelle says:

    I can’t use that starbucks French roast, way too strong for me. I’m going to try it with tasters choice light/medium blend.

  12. Grace Rushing says:

    When I made this with my mom we added Vanilla cream to the milk! Adds some sweetness and leaves it tasting like coffee ice cream!!

  13. Linda Waterman says:

    I tried it and felt the same as you. It was too strong and not sweet enough. I will try it with favored creamer tomorrow and see how that tastes. I loved the consistency of it though. Thank you Erin!

  14. Cindy says:

    I learned to make a version of this in Brazil “Cafe Cremoso.” The extra “whipped” part can be stored in the freezer. Then just add a spoonful or so to your mug when needed. It won’t be solid. Stays whippet in freezer.

    1/4 cup instant coffee
    2 cup sugar
    1 cup boiling water

  15. Kary says:

    Maybe some maple syrup, the pure stuff, instead of sugar!

  16. Leslie says:

    Thankyou Erin it was so good. My only problem was finding the right l to Super high beat it in. I had too big of one snd iT spattered all over and made a mess😏. Searching for the perfect bowl and will make again. 😘

  17. Cassie says:

    Yumm!! I never have instant coffee on hand, but randomly had one packet in my pantry. 🤷‍♀️ I mixed it with regular coffee from this morning and it worked!! I agree-add some sugar but it was so tasty!!!

  18. Hayley says:

    Thanks, Erin! I made it For the hubs and I using your recommendations (1TBSP granules, everything else the same) yesterday. It was perfect! Made it in my Kitchen Aid (whips up in 2 1/2 minutes in that sucker!) today for the whole family this afternoon. So yummy! ♥️

  19. Cherie says:

    I added a couple spoonfuls of whipped cream to this and it was fantastic! It helped give it the sweetness I was missing and it kept the texture!

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