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Mascara Dupe: Too Faced vs L’Oreal (Better Than Sex vs Lash Paradise)

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(*not a sponsored post…just my curiosity and me doing my version of “science” experiments….😂  Affiliate links used in post.) 

Okay friends, as promised, here are my thoughts after trying out the dupe of my all-time favorite mascara, Too Faced Better Than Sex. 🙈  I know.  I can’t even with that name, but hey.  It IS pretty dang good mascara, man.  Not gonna lie!!  But…the price tag is not small, so, after hearing from some of my Instagram buddies about the new dupe on the market, L’Oreal Lash Paradise, I thought I’d test it out for a couple of weeks and report back.   For two weeks, I wore both mascaras in the blackest black shade offered with Too Faced Better Than Sex on my right eye (left side of pic) and L’Oreal Lash Paradise on my left eye (right side of pic)…..and here’s what I learned!


(BEFORE…Where did her lashes go, y’all….?!? 😉)


So I’ve used the Too Faced version for as many years as I can remember, and I absolutely love how it gives some SERIOUS coverage in only one coat.  You really only need one swipe of this stuff, and your lashes are good to go.  A second coat up top on the outer corner is all I usually add, and man Too Faced mascara gives me that POP!  Maybe it IS better than…….nah.  But it’s a close second… 😏

The tube costs around $25-30 depending on where you buy it, and it lasts about the same length of time any other tube will last.  That’s a pretty penny to pay for some black goop to schmear on your peepers, but hey.  I obviously loved it enough to keep buying it, so take that for what you will!  A little bit of flaking at the end of the day, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Another con I’d say is the wetness factor.  This stuff seems way wetter when it comes out of the tube than the L’Oreal version, which I’m thinking adds to the fact that you can get WAY more onto your lashes in one swipe…but it clumps easier, too.  The wand tip gets clumpier and hard to NOT get clumps.  A small price to pay for one-coat wonderfulness….or is it?


(Too Faced = .27 oz  |  L’Oreal = .28 oz….even though the actual tube is much smaller)


L’Oreal Pros + Cons

PROS: This tube only costs around $8 and can be easily purchased at any big box store like Target…while also buying toilet paper and kitty litter.  That’s a win in my book.  🙌🏻  L’Oreal Lash Paradise does offer pretty great coverage for a drug store brand, but….

CONS:  …not quite as much coverage as Too Faced.  If I had to put into math-y terms, I’d say that if it takes 1 coat of Too Faced to achieve a full look, then it will take 1.5-2 coats of L’Oreal.  Just a liiiiiiiiittle bit more.  The Too Faced mascara is lots wetter like I said above, which does aid in quick coverage because more product comes out of the tube on the wand.  The L’Oreal mascara is a bit drier and thus (I think) takes more dips and coats to achieve the same look.

This mascara also had flaking by the end of the day.  I’ve yet to meet a mascara that didn’t!  I’d say the L’Oreal mascara had a tiny bit less than the Too Faced, but nothing crazy different.


(Too Faced ONE coat on the left side of pic, and L’Oreal TWO coats on the right)



Honestly, in the end….it’s a narrow win by L’Oreal Lash Paradise!  Here’s why: If you don’t want to spend almost $30 on mascara, then this dupe will do a pretty good job at only $8.  Be prepared that it is drier and takes maybe an extra half-coat to full coat to achieve the same look as the Too Faced brand, but hey.  It’s cheap.  It does the trick.  I can use it as an excuse to run to Target.  WIN WIN WIN!  😏  But not by much.  I still love Too Faced Better Than Sex and might just alternate as I think of it, because I’m unpredictable like that…😉


Have any of you tried either of these?  Or both?  I’d love to hear if you agree with the results of my mascara experiment or if you have another dupe you’d like me to put to the test in the comments below!  Thoughts and feels?!


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  1. Emily says:

    I’ve always loved the two face better than sex mascara! I’ll have to give the dupe a try!

  2. Sam says:

    I used to use Kat Von D’s mascara with the most amazing silicone wand i’ve ever used ! but sadly it’s not sold anymore. i shop cruelty free only so finding good quality mascaras that don’t test on animals can be a struggle. after i couldn’t find hers i came across Better Than Sex. Both the waterproof and regular are so amazing. The packaging of Better Than Sex is one of my favorite parts about it! the length is amazing also. i always get asked if i am wearing falsies. that heavy feeling of the bottle gets me every time. love!!

  3. Beth Piper says:

    After having seen your post about the Two Faced mascara, I picked up a small trial size in Sephora for $12. Perfect to test it out. I have been using IT Cosmetics Superhero mascara for awhile now, which costs about $24. Honestly after using both for a couple of weeks….I can’t decide!! 🤔 I was happy with both. Sounds like I might just have to give the L’Oreal a whirl, because I am all about saving money.

  4. Allie Hilburn says:

    I use Lash Paradise, which I love since it is so cheap and pretty good at getting the job done. It does flake off a lot and the mascara in the tube becomes dry so it does take a few coats. I would love to try the Better than Sex but it is just so expensive for something I am just putting on my eyelashes!!

  5. Larissa Strand says:

    I’ve used both and when I saw you did a comparison I had to come check it out to see your thoughts!! I agree totally. I was using too faced and it was just not lasting long enough for the price. I also felt it was so wet that I made a mess out of my face when applying it. I’ve been using the L’Oréal for months and am happy with it.

  6. Susan says:

    Hi Erin I’m a 63 yr young woman that has tried both. Older women have a lot less lush lashes so we try to compensate with product. I personally like the cheaper because the other is so wet and clumpy. If you find the cheaper one to dry put a drop of contact solution in the tube. Works like a charm. Oh and by the way I love watching you everyday. You are just precious 💋

  7. Katie says:

    Loved your review! lol! I still want to try the Too Faced even though I’m a big fan of the Lash Paradise! Thanks for your scientific review ;)! Xo!

  8. Carol says:

    I use Lash Paradise, but I add a few drops of contact solution so it’s not so thick. I also top it with the orange tube mascara, I think it’s Loreal, and I always use the orange tube mascara on my lower lashes. No flaking that way!

  9. SouthernSpiritYall says:

    Sooo, for us sparse, short, stick fricking straight lash Ladies, wet is NO good. Wet kills any crimp or curl you try to inject by dragging lashes back straight. I’m glad you noted the wetness…you should have your ig story disclaimer about having dank lashes to begin with.
    Sparse Lash Gurl Probs,

    • Erin | Cotton Stem says:

      Ok yeah I hadn’t thought about that as I don’t curl mine. Hmm…something to consider for sure!

  10. Traci says:

    I love Loreals! I switched to it about 8 months ago after my DIL recommended it. It does dry out fast but makes my little lashes look lush!!

  11. Emily says:

    I saw this dupe a few months ago and decided to give it a try—love it! Cannot use the waterproof version though. Nothing gets it off! lol! So happy that I decided to save a few bucks and your science agrees 😆😄

  12. Tasha says:

    I’m a L’Oreal Lash Paradise convert!!! I’m really happy with it! Barely any flaking for me!

  13. Staci says:

    Hi Erin! I grabbed a tub of the L’Oréal Las Paradise a couple of weeks ago when you first told us you were going to give it a try. Sadly, o did NOT like it. It did not make my lashes straight and thick like the other mascara I use. I’m super picky and typically use Clinique, but I found a cheaper brand that I am OBSESSED with! You MUST try it! It’s Maybelline New York, LASH sensational. (Bottle is a dusty rose color) I get the black pearl color and I’m telling you … it is amazing for a cheaper price! Give it a try!💗💗😊

  14. Robin says:

    I tried Better Than Sex about a year ago and didn’t like that it was so clumpy and heavy on my lashes (I have to curl my lashes). He would weigh down my lashes and leave them looking blah. The first time I tried Lash Paradise i felt it also weighed down my lashes and flakes a little by end of day. Someone recommended I try the waterproof Lash Paradise and what a difference! It holds the curl, doesn’t clump and no flaking at all! You do have to use an oil based eye make up remover but so worth it to me. Try the waterproof…you may be a total convert after that 🙂

  15. Kim says:

    I’ve been using the lash paradise and love it! I don’t know if you use oils but someone told me to add a drop of lavender and it will help it go further I feel like mine lasted longer when I did that and it’s helped my lashes grow too!

  16. Sherrie says:

    My lashes are board straight, therefore, not a fan of the pricey, Better Than Sex … still have a full tube in my make-up bag!😣 Definitely going to try the Lash Paradise! Yay…Thank you for all you do, plus, playing scientist!😘🤗


  17. Jana Graf says:

    I’ll have to give it a try. 😊I bought several products that you used in your makeup stories already and love them. Especially the highighter/concealing pen and the dual end IT brush!! I had to re watch your stories in the store to make sure I was buying the right things! I had a crowd around me watching too!! 😎

  18. Dori says:

    I totally agree!! Switched to L’Oréal a while back and love it! Thx for the official test to confirm!

  19. Nicole says:

    I have always used better than sex mascara, so I bought the Lash Paradise after it was suggested to you and I love it. Sometimes I forget to take my mascara off at night. GASP I know, it’s one of my bad bad habits, but the lash paradise is still going strong when I wake up. It also holds up for my gym sessions if I happen to have it on when I go. So, YAY for an $8 dupe!

  20. Erin K says:

    Just purchased the dupe bc the real deal is NOT in my budget lol and I’m loving it!! I do agree that it looks best with 2 coats for that real POP! Thanks for trying it out and sharing your results! I’d been curious to see what you thought!!!

  21. Emily says:

    I was using the Too Faced and tried this same experiment last year with the L’Oreal when I found it. (The waterproof L’Oreal was perfect for the pool bag too since I never wanted to take a $24 mascara in the heat or risk leaving somewhere.) I really like Too Faced makeup in general, but have not replaced the mascara since finding such a good dupe! I was thrilled to see that you were trying it as well and doing a review, thank you!

  22. Linda says:

    Bought the Two Faced and adore it as my lashes aren’t as lush as they used to be. Will have to try the L’Oreal. I used to use some from L’Oreal long ago and liked it.

  23. Rachel says:

    Great tips. I bought the dupe last night at Target. I agree with you Erin, it’s nice to get an $8 mascara but I really LOVE the other as well. Guess I will keep buying both ❤️

  24. LaTrice says:

    You know you watch too many of Erin’s stories when her face looks backwards in a normal picture 🙋🏽‍♀️

    I’ve used the Too Faced foreeeeeever I’m pretty set in my ways about it but $8…that’s nothing g to bat an eye at (see what I did there?). I’m obsessed with how soft the brush is, did you notice a difference in the dupe brush’s softness?

  25. Kalondia Casey says:

    I have tried the Lash Paradise Mascara and the flakiness by the end of the day was just too much. I am now using the Maybelline Temptation Mascara and absolutely love it. I just hate paying $25 – $30 a tube for mascara. Thanks for the review!

  26. Tricia says:

    I have tried all of the L’Oeal mascaras over many years and have been happy with all of them.

  27. Amy G says:

    I tried this recently and like it. I am a Benefit Bad Gal mascara user and recently tried the new Bad Gal Bang. The Bad Gal Bang is getting great reviews but after curling my lashes and applying the mascara I had to re-curl my lashes several times – it made them so straight! The lash Paradise, in my opinion, is better than the Benefit and the Too Faced mascara! And only $8.00!!! WINNING!

  28. Charlene says:

    Hi … I loved your mascara comparison… I tried your better than …, mascara because your eyes always look so beautiful. I think your eyes would look great in any mascara. I use they’re real by bennifit …. it’s a fabulous mascara that doesn’t flake at all!

  29. Nassika says:

    I love the L’Oreal Voluminous Falls Fiber Lashes mascara . I usually use that first then finished my lashes off with Lash Paradise.

    I find that the False Fiber Lashes mascara spreads out my eyelashes evenly and fills them in nicely and the Lash Paradise covers and thickens them very well. They pair well together.

  30. Sara says:

    I was using Benefit “They’re Real” mascara when I came across your makeup post a while back, and decided to try Too Faced “Better Than Sex” and compare. I ended up going back to the Benefit. It is thicker than the Too Faced, but I find it makes my lashes look fuller and plumper. My biggest complaint about the Too Faced was the flaking – by the end of the day it looked like I didn’t even put mascara on that day. Longer lasting power in the Benefit brand. Price point is similar…$24 at Sephora, I think. I think it’s a personal preference thing.

    On another note, thanks for the makeup brush recommendations in your My Makeup story. They’re all so soft!! 🙂

  31. Peg says:

    I’m new to the Too Faced mascara after using Estée Lauder for years! So the price wasn’t going to be deciding factor. But after hearing SO much about the Better Than Sex I had to try it. I have to say-I really love it. I’ll give the Loreal a whirl and see what I think! Thanks for the trial!

  32. Michelle says:

    I have tried both! I love them, but I can’t seem to go but a few hours without smudging! 😩 Anyone have any tips? Would love to know how to prevent the smudging!

  33. Jennifer says:

    Oven tried both and agree 100% with everything you say. I use the Lash Paradise unless I’m feeling extra “splurgie” then I go for the other! I’m new to your blog and IG and LOVE it 😍

  34. Carolyn says:

    I was in need of mascara when I first saw you post about the dupe. I am a cheapskate at heart so have used “drugstore” mascara like CoverGirl for.e.ver! The L’Oréal was right in front of me when I thought about it so I went ahead a bought it. Waaaaay better than what I have been using! Thanks for the comparison cuz it saves me money to read that it “wins” over the more expensive kind!

  35. Erin M. says:

    I couldn’t agree more!!! I’ve used nearly every mascara on the market (drugstore and department store) and have found this is the best ….especially for the price! I’ve never had so many compliments on my lashes.
    PS- LOVE the Maskcara beauty brushes in the pic! Another amazing product! Xoxo!

  36. Tara Owens says:

    I have used both of the mascaras you tested, BUT very recently I found something even better after seeing a YouTube video. Thrive mascara is amazing. $24 a tube and I ordered it online. You should definitely give it a go.

  37. Julianne Moore says:

    I actually had just bought the Loréal Lash Paradise right before your experiment. I actually really love it! It is definitely the best drug store fund for mascara!! I’ve never been one for expensive make up unless it was a must have like concealer 🤩.

  38. Melissa says:

    I spy Maskcara compacts and brushes! I love her makeup line and have used it for years! Thanks for the mascara science experiment!

  39. Jen Barnes says:

    When you first mentioned you were going to try the L’Oréal mascara, I went and bought some too. It’s not my fave, but it does the job!

    I always use L’Oréal Double Extend Lash Tubes (red & white)

    Love reading your posts!

  40. Amy says:

    I just switched back to better than sex from the dupe Last week. I think the “better than sex” isn’t as sticky as the dupe and I get more coverage with less clumping. So that’s why I stopped using the dupe. I used the dupe for 3 months before going back to $$$ for reference. :-). Both give great lashes.

  41. Tara Greenfield says:

    I use “They’re Real” by Benefit and the primer as well since my lashes are very light blonde. The primer is brown, then I use They’re Real and depending if I want them to curl…I use the roller lash by Benefit as well (not quite sure).
    Also…..I use Lash Boost From Rodan+Fields so my lashes are super long!!!! Just one coat of any mascara really is all you may need!!

  42. Crystal says:

    I will definitely be trying the dupe as I’ve been using Better than Sex for years now. I’ve tried several pricey mascaras but always went back to Better than Sex.

  43. Jaime says:

    I’ve been looking forward to your review, thanks for comparing them! I’ve tried the Loreal version and since I have a natural curl to my lashes, find it very hard to get enough on without getting it all over my lids! I have been wearing mascara for YEARS and this wand just seems maybe too thick? I want to try the Better Than Sex mascara but am afraid of paying that price and ending up with the same issue. Any tips on application would be apprecaited!

  44. Rachel says:

    So glad to see your review! I picked up the L’Oreal mascara after seeing your story and experiment and while I think it’s a great cheapie option and love the volume it creates, I agree that it DOES flake off a bit during the day and it IS drier than my go-to Clinique mascara for everyday use (so gentle on my lashes)…so, I’ll definitely use it for days I want to be more “done up” or date nights out! Thanks Erin!!

  45. Paige says:

    I had been using the same Estée Lauder mascara for like 20 years (no exaggeration), and THEY. DISCONTINUED. IT. I thought I might die, so thanks for saving my life. I was thankful for a suggestion on what to use, as I have never strayed from my faithful mascara. I’m using the dupe now, and I may go try the BTS too-faced kind as well. Thanks for the tips!

  46. Sarah says:

    I’m newly addicted to Diore Diorshow mascara. No flaking by the end of the day st all! I often receive a 20% off prestige brands from ulta so it’s like buying my benefit they’re real mascara (also good too but runs out too soon) but without a deal.

  47. Nicole says:

    I’m a mascara junkie and I will say, if you want a mascara that absolutely does not flake by the end of the day… any of the Benefit Cosmetics mascaras! I’ve tried the They’re Real, Roller Lash, and just got their newest, Bad Gal Bang. I always loved the Too Faced mascara but the flaking drove me NUTS so someone suggested the Benefit mascaras. It is now my daily go-to, but sometimes on a whim, I’ll get a travel sized of Too Faced because it doesn’t seem to flake as much? I think less product means it doesn’t dry out as much? WHO KNOW?! That’s just my crazy thinking! Thanks for the review 🙂

  48. Barb says:

    I love L’Oréal Lash Paradise! I do not have a flaking issue with it, but there is a waterproof and non waterproof version so maybe we aren’t using the same version. When I can buy 3 tubes for the price of 1 of the other it’s a no brainer for me. I don’t get why you refer to it as a dupe though . . .

  49. Audra says:

    Hey! Like I said, I had just bought the L’Oréal brand the day before you started your trial. I like it. My eyelashes still don’t look like yours (they are blonde and not very long) but this has given them some length and body so that’s awesome. Also love the price tag:)

  50. Jessica W says:

    I actually started using this mascara MAYBE two weeks before yuh started talking about trying it in your stories. I got straight addicted to Tarte’s “Lights Camera Lashes” through my Ipsy bag, and i couldn’t justify $30 for mascara! Researching online, the L’Oréal quickly surfaced as a drugstore option that could compete with the big boys (girls?). I’ve been happy with it, too! Though i still like Tarte better (the wand is magical)! Thanks for sharing your official comparison!!

  51. Jessica W says:

    You, not yuh. Geez!

  52. Janice says:

    I use the lash paradise and am iffy on it. I feel like it dries out really quickly. I too add a drop of contact solution but have to do it many times before I get the tube used. It also flakes quite a bit in my opinion. So my search is still on. Going to try a couple of these others that these comments have recommended!

  53. Kim metz says:

    Hello ! Love your Instagram and stories !!!! I did go out and buy two faced mascara on your recommendation and did like it for all the reasons you do. However I must say you seriously need to try “ KISS Me by Blinc”
    It is so different than any mascara no flaking even if you sleep in it , will not run or smear and you can remove it with just water . There is no tar in this mascara . However you will need to appt a few coats before it dries it get to what two faced does in one .
    Love watching you and thanks again for all your hard work

  54. Renee says:

    Hi! I used “They’re Real” mascara for a long time and then tried “Better than Sex” and loved it when I first started using it, but I couldn’t get past the flaking! A friend told me to try Maybelline Lash Sensational (in a dusty rose pink tube) and it is a real rival to “Better than Sex” with no flaking! I love it! It does take two coats for those of us with shorter, thinner lashes but it works wonders!! On a different note, thank you for posting the colorful rug in your littles room so I could see it in a space! It’s lovely and so is the sweet room!

  55. Alanna says:

    I’ve tried both and like both BUT every mascara “melts” into my eye above and below almost like cat lady. I wish I could Find one that didn’t.

  56. Amanda says:

    I first tried the dupe about a month ago. I like it but the tube dried out pretty quickly for me. I’ve already had to purchase another one. My BTS tube is still going strong after 2 months. I do love I can buy it at target and it’s cheap though! Also for me, the dupe clumps a lot less than BTS, so win there!

  57. Tam says:

    Makeup up artist of almost 20 years here. I have the L’Oréal Lash Paradise I’m waterproof in my kit and only use L’Oréal mascaras on my cleints. It’s the one “drug store” item I carry. It’s works great for sensitive eyes too. Always L’Oréal for the win. I personally use the Voluminous. Glad you did the comparison. I’ve been waiting to see what you thought.

  58. Tami says:

    Makeup up artist of almost 20 years here. I have the L’Oréal Lash Paradise I’m waterproof in my kit and only use L’Oréal mascaras on my cleints. It’s the one “drug store” item I carry. It’s works great for sensitive eyes too. Always L’Oréal for the win. I personally use the Voluminous. Glad you did the comparison. I’ve been waiting to see what you thought.

  59. Dawn says:

    I tried the Better than Sex mascara and I was not happy with how much it flakes. Especially for the price tag. I wasn’t happy with the dupe either. I needed multiple coats and then it turned clumpy. I tried IT Cosmetics Superhero mascara and love the results. It is pricey like Better than Sex but I decided it is worth the it. I would definitely recommend it!

  60. Shelley says:

    Bobbi Brown mascara never flakes, give it a try!

  61. T says:

    Curious what makes this a ‘dupe’ as opposed to just another mascara. Why is one correlated with the other?

  62. Emily says:

    I have tried EVERY mascara out there- drugstore and higher end. I have sparse, straight eyelashes and the only mascaras that have ever made me look like I have lashes is Lancome! Currently on my third tube of Monsieur Big and I love it. For those of us straight-lash girls who need to curl our lashes, Lancome dries faster (not as wet as Better than Sex), so once it dries, I curl my lashes and they stay perfectly curled all day at work. It’s $25 but in my opinion, worth it to have standout eyes!

  63. Nicole says:

    Can you add a pic of the wands? That makes a big difference for me when choosing a mascara and I’m curious about what the L’Oréal wand looks like.

  64. Tisha says:

    Great test! I have also been a Too Faced girl for years and have tried others in between. I wear cheap ones when I’m going somewhere unimportant and Too Faced when I go out and want to look glamorous. I’m an actor so my lashes need to stand out in shows. Fun results, Erin!

  65. Cassandra says:

    I used to use the ‘better than sex’ as well, but my friend introduced me to beauty counter, and there is no flaking at the end of the day! And no itchiness on my eyelids at all. But again, a pricier mascara. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  66. Lorri Duren says:

    I bought the BTS a few weeks ago after weighing the cost. It’s ok and easy to remove at night. It does leave mascara marks above and below my eyes, I laugh a lot and I think that’s why. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I find it doesn’t give me as much volume as I like, so I put another layer on after my lashes dry and tah-dah 🌟 fuller lashes that way. I’ll shop around a bit as I like cruelty free items. I wonder what Smashbox has for mascara?

  67. Alycia White says:

    I totally agree with your review of the L’Oréal one! I’ve also loved Too Faced for years but recently found shake it fresh by Rimmel, and it is totally outshining it! I’d love to hear what you think!

  68. Lori says:

    I have used Too Faced for a couple of years now and my daughter told me about the L’Oréal. I do like the price, but I have very fine lashes and preferred amount that comes out in each swab of the Too Faced. **BUT the price was soooooo much BETTER** So I experimented a little 🧐 I used a couple of drops of OTC artificial tears on my wand and put it back in the tube. After swirling it around a few times, it was more like the consistency of the Too Faced. (Disclaimer- this was a barbs new bottle of eye drops [to prevent bacteria] I would not recommend using an old bottle that has been around a while) 💕 @thecitrusgroves

  69. Steph Connor says:

    I think I have tried every mascara known to man on my super straight eyelashes! Lash Paradise is my favorite from the drugstore although Catrice Glam and Doll is even cheaper at Ulta and works really well. My favorite pro one is Lorac Pro. The woman at the beauty counter in Kohls promised me it’s the best underrated mascara she’s ever used, and she was right!!! It gives me length and volume.

  70. Kary Ross says:

    Are either tube waterproof? And what do you use to remove it? I have s hard time putting non waterproof on my lower lashes because by noon I have smudgy lower lids! Ug! Help!!

  71. Christie says:

    I used Too Faced Better than for years ago, but switched to Benefit They’re Real because NO flaking. I love it, but when saw your experiment I thought “l like to save money, I’m going to try this for $8.” I had too many flakes that irritated my eyes by the end of the day, sorry to say it doesn’t compare to the Benefit! But thanks for your review! I’d try again if you find something else.

  72. Nedda says:

    Thanks for this review. My sis loves the too faced mascara too, but I’m a huge fan of dior iconic overcurl (my eyelashes are straight, this Doesn’t fake at all, and it is pseudo waterproof).I’d love to try out the too faced mascara but 25$ is too much to just try something out! Will give the loreal a try

  73. My sister swears by Too Faced and recommended it to me, but I couldn’t conceive of shelling out $30 for it. I’ve been wearing whatever sad blue tube of mascara I first tried 15 years ago. Occasionally I’ve tried something on a recommendation, but once it ran out- it was always back to the blue. When I saw the “dupe” in your stories a few weeks ago, I decided to try it. Umm, can I just say ah-may-zing! One of my coworkers literally said my skin looked better, and people asked me if I did something new with my hair? I looked different but they couldn’t pinpoint it. Nope, no hair or skin, just my peepers- but it made such an impact on my overall appearance! Love it, and you! Thanks Erin!

  74. Kayla says:

    I kept hearing how much everyone LOVED Athens Better Than Sex mascara and I finally had broke down an bought one to try a while ago. I did like it, but agree with you Erin, it clumps pretty easily but I loved the coverage! After running out of it, I had discovered the L’Oréal Lash Paradise at Target on a whim and tried it out. It’s funny, because this was a while ago, before it got its name as “the dupe” fit the Better Than Sex brand and I had thought to myself, this stuff is literally JUST like Better Than Sex, but WAY cheaper. A similar mascara with a way cheaper price tag is a win in my book! (you could call me cheap??!?) So, I agree, L’Oréal Lash Paradise all the way!

  75. Jessica says:

    Try using the waterproof Lash Paradise, it comes off easily with an oil based eye make up remover and doesn’t flake!

  76. Lauren says:

    I too find that Too Faced gets sooo clumpy I find that I dread wearing it. Any tips you have found to clear the clumps?

  77. Kelli says:

    Almay mascara doesn’t flake – LOVE their mascaras!

  78. Jeena says:

    My dau. loves the Too Faced mascara but it is so pricey so we will definitely be trying the L’oreal Lash Paradise!!! ~Thanks for the review!

  79. Morgan Clayton says:

    Thank you so much for this. I am a Too Faced mascara junky, but it is always good to cut cost where you can. I used to wear the grey bottle voluminous mascara in high school. So this feels like a throw back😜 I went out and bought the Lash Paradise today and can’t wait to give it a try.

  80. Morgan says:

    Love the contact solution trick – I have also found that adding a drop of Argan oil can add a little of that wetness factor.

  81. Mandie says:

    I’m a mascara snob and switch between Mac Haute and Naughty and It cosmetics Suoer Hero, I tried the Lash Paradise after seeing many bloggers talk about it. It was not for me. I had a hard time removing it even with a great eye makeup remover by Lancôme. It literally was pulling out my lashes!!! Good to here so many have liked it, maybe I got a bad tube. And the contact solution is the greatest thing ever…..will totally extend the life of any mascara so you can get your monies worth!

  82. Makayla says:

    I had tried the too faced mascara a while ago and I thought it worked good but I didn’t love it. When I saw you mention the lash paradise mascara I wanted to try it so bad especially cause the price was so good!! I ended up loving it!! Thank you so much for introducing it to me 🙂

  83. Britta Anderson says:

    Love new finds. I’ll try this.

    Lately been experimenting with more natural options and LOVING Pure Anada products. An actual affordable natural makeup company. Would love to see you test it out!

  84. MarySue says:

    I decided to try the Lash Paradise and have been thrilled with it!! My personal shopper/daughter 😉 found LP online at Target for under $5!!!! Almost $8 at Walmart.

  85. Amber says:

    I just bought my second tube of Lash Paradise and I am finding it is impossible to wash off. I do a two step cleansing in the evening that starts with micellar water or cleansing oil and neither of them seem to break the mascara down. When I rub either against my closed eyes, the lashes feel like they have glue on them. I have also tried a cleansing cloth to no avail. After all the rubbing and multiple cleansers, it is still on and I resort to trying to pick it off with my fingernails or I sleep in it (hate doing this as my eyes are very sensitive) Did I just get a bad batch?!!!

    • Erin | Cotton Stem says:

      Oh no!! Now I don’t use waterproof mascara ever, so maybe that is the diff?? I have no trouble and only use a makeup wipe most days.

  86. Trish says:

    Have you ever used youniuiqe (I am spelling it wrong) Best mascara I have ever used, no clumping but it is pricey as well around 20.
    My daughter has a problem with her eyelahes falling out she is 15, has anyone ever heard of this and is there a mascara that will help or is it just the mascara making them fall out? She is freaking out.about it any suggestions.

  87. Beverly Simons says:

    I have always used L’oreal Voluminous mascara…always got complimented on my eyes. I switched to Better Than Sex… because I love the wet wand feeling and can put more coats on with ease if I so desire… really one is all you need. I will definately try your dupe Lash Paradise to compare the three. L’Oreal make a really great product and affordable for
    sure!!! I will likely rotate as well.

  88. Pearl says:

    Coconut oil removes waterproof mascara. Another thing you can try is using a non-waterproof mascara and then using the waterproof mascara over it. I love, love, love Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara because it prevents my lashes from falling out but it doesn’t keep them curled :(. After my first coat of the Rimmel I add a coat of L’Oréal waterproof falsies. When I’m ready to wash my face it all comes off with a mild soap and water. If I’ve used an extra coat of the waterproof mascara, coconut oil works wonders!

  89. Elissa says:

    Hi Erin,
    Sidenote…my besties name is Erin too.
    I’m so happy I found ur blog & even happier to have found such a great post on these 2 mascaras. Thank u very much for so clearly explaining the differences between the 2. I’m a mommy to 6 & really didn’t want to fall into the trap of trying the Too Faced version, too $$$. I liked the L’oreal version, but felt I was still missing something. Just added several drops of my contact solution to make my LP wetter & now I “GET IT”! I especially luv the H2Oproof version for our hot, humid & sweaty NE OH summers. My previous mascara HG was Voluminous, which is still great for my at home days.

  90. isabella says:

    Honestly, i’ve tried both over the years. i’m running out of my current mascara now and i’m planning on repurchasing the lash paradise. it’s a 10/10 recommend!

  91. Kim says:

    My little 2 cents take it for what you will lol. If the cheap stuff costs less but you have to put twice as much on your really not saving money because you will run out quicker. I use to be a Better than Sex mascara girl but I was in Ulta one day last year and they were promoting a new mascara and I bought a mini to give it a try. I’m a big skeptic. It’s called “Bad gal BANG by benefit. I Loved it so I went and got the full size and put the mini in my travel bag. Give it a try.

  92. Brooke says:

    Love this post! Follow up question…what type of eye makeup remover do you use? I’ve yet to find a good non-oily one that removes mascara without rubbing too hard on skin 😔

  93. Jessica says:

    I always use box store mascaras like the L’Oréal you tried. I add one to two drops of Young Living cedarwood essential oils. This has duel purpose. It thins the mascara for the one stroke application the more expensive mascara offers and cedarwood promotes hair growth so it REALLY does make your lashes grow as if you have applied an expensive lash boost! It’s an all around win win!

  94. Jillian says:

    I love the better than sex mascara! However, the first tube I tried was the pink (original) tube, like you use. I agree it is very wet. It was too wet for me and weighed my lashes down. I switched to the blue (waterproof) tube and it’s perfect!!!

  95. Miranda says:

    I’m so happy to see this! I have been a die hard for the Too Faced Better Then Sex Mascara but the price tag makes me cringe every time!! I already have such long dark lashes I don’t need a lot as is, so to hear about this dupe 🙌🏼 I can’t wait to try it out!!

  96. Danica says:

    I love it! I’ve tried lash paradise and I really liked it for a drugstore brand! My favorite favorite is Lancôme Monsieur Big! If you ever get the chance to try it, I’d love to hear what you think! Same price point as Better than red but it also comes in a mini at Sephora which is how I first came to love it!

  97. Teri says:

    I started using Thrive mascara last year and I absolutely LOVE it. I’ve used everything from Channel to Maybeline and it is my favorite. I also love their lipstick and am about to order their face make~up… they are vegan and cruelty free. TOTALLY worth a try!

  98. Rika Alferink says:

    I personally prefer the L’oreal lash paradise. But, if you prefer the Too faced better than sex mascara, but it’s simply out of your price range, you can actually purchase it on ebay (I did!) for $8 plus free shipping!

  99. Alicia Jacob says:

    A tip I’ve recently learned, that I ❤️! Run your mascara under hot after while you do the rest of your make-up. It thins out the mascara and makes it last so much longer! Makes it easier to apply, too! I haven’t tried it with either of these mascaras, but since you mentioned the L’Oréal one was drier, I thought it was worth sharing!

  100. Shirley says:

    Always looking for a new mascara to try! I’ve got very hooded eyes so nothing seems to last overly long. Will definitely try the lower priced dupe!

  101. Terri says:

    Yup, you nailed it. I also used Too Faced for years before switching to Lash Paradise. I find that the Lash Paradise doesn’t clump and flake like the Too Faced does. Price is great too!

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