Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Chairs – Help Me Choose!

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Hey guys!
I’m changing things up a bit in our dining room before we host Supper Club this weekend, and I could use your help! For this space, I’m sort of trying to blend two styles I found at Walmart: chippy, vintage farmhouse vibes + minimal and modern. While I love all my chippy antiques and farmhouse treasures, the space is feeling a bit one note…so I’m excited to play at blending the two! Here are the two chairs I’m deciding between:


I found this curved chair with the woven seat after a trip to the beach with my family this summer. The house we rented had this style, and I was able to track down a much more affordable (and white!) option at Walmart [HERE]! They have so many options with great value for the price. With this chair option, I’m drawn to the lower profile, the curved back and the natural seat, and I think the white pops against the farmhouse table. I *think* this is the chair I’m leaning towards, but then there’s this style….


This style is a bit more striking because of the high back, however I’m not sure I *want* striking…? I was feeling more of a low profile look in order to bring simplified and minimal vibes to the space, but I sure do like those thin spindles on these taller chairs (also from Walmart – [HERE]), and when you sit in them, they come all the way up to support your back, while the others hit mid-back. Gosh, I can’t decide!


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I added a new brushed brass light fixture [HERE] which is SO affordable for the size, you guys! We were due for some new flatware so I chose a brushed brass/gold finish set [HERE], as well. Love mixing the pops of warm brass with whites and wood tones! Added back in some vintage vibes with this oversized mounted floral print [HERE], and the colors blend everything together so nicely! Now….I know I want a white chair for easy pairing with the wood tones of the farmhouse table, but which style are you more drawn to? I loved the look of my chippy metal chairs, but I think I’m ready for a new vibe in here – help me decide!

  1. Cherish S

    September 13th, 2019 at 8:19 am

    How about a mixture? How about putting the low profile chairs at the end of the table and keeping the high backs on the long sides? I’m someone who needs to visually see it before deciding but thought i’d throw that idea out there. 🙂

  2. Belinda

    September 13th, 2019 at 12:28 pm

    Both look nice, but neither look comfortable. No cushion, no back support, neither of which appeal to someone using the space every day, and comfort is essential while dining. My 2cents worth 🥰

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