Hi, friends!
Wanted to officially welcome you “into” our home all dressed up for fall and the Thanksgiving season!  This year, I wanted bright and unexpected fall colors along with a simpler, paired down vibe from last year [HERE].  Our lives have been extra full this season, so I wanted our house to feel, well, NOT too full!  Lots of fun pops of blush pink, plum and mustard yellow along with touches of aged gold to bring in the fall and Thanksgiving vibes in a fresh way!  As we’ve hosted friends and family throughout the rest of the fall season (and before my Christmas decor comes out to play soon….😉), it has been my hope that people felt welcomed and happy upon entering our home.  Here’s a little walk around for ya!  Come on in!

Sweet Junie B the fluffy kitty says, “Happy fall, y’all!” 😉

Kept things a bit simpler this year in the living room (see last year’s pumpkin “harvest” HERE), and I loved the happy pops of color paired with these vintage mirrors on the fireplace mantel!  And yes, I put the protective grate back up after pictures were finished, no worries. 😉

Love the layered neutral look you get by stacking old books all together, spines turned the other way!  Or I like to wrap covers in kraft paper to make them all neutral, too.  Write the titles on the outside so you won’t forget what’s what….just a little tip!

Harvey our new goldendoodle invites you over for a slice of pumpkin “cake”…😉  This sweet boy has been such a fun addition to our home this season!  We love him!

My no-bake pumpkin “cake” was a hit with the girls this year, and it was so easy to put together for an unexpected happy touch!

Sweet and simple in the breakfast nook.  Sometimes I like to fill every available inch of surface space with festive decor, and then sometimes…I like to be able to actually USE our tables, ha!  😉  Kept things simple for fall and Thanksgiving, but who knows what’s in store for Christmas…….

Touches of Thanksgiving and autumn colors made their way into the bedroom this year on the hoops and bedding, and I just couldn’t get enough of this unexpected fall vibe: pink, plum + mustard!

The dining room all decked for Turkey Day!  Even though we aren’t officially hosting THE big Thanksgiving meal, i always love to create a welcoming and happy space for my family on the daily during each holiday season.  And, while this table is more frequently covered with crafts, laundry or made into a tent than it is pristinely decorated, that’s what living in the home we’ve created is all about…and I’m thankful for those moments this Thanksgiving season.

Tell me, are you hosting friends and family for the holidays?  Do you love it or does it stress you out?  Or BOTH!?!  The simple fall decor this year spoke to my need for simplicity during this particular season of our lives, so hopefully something from this home tour will inspire you, as well!


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  1. Denice says:

    We are hosting 30 family members this year at our newly renovated “farm”(we really only grow hay), but instead of hosting in our home we are believing for good Georgia weather and hosting in our outdoor kitchen. That means 3 really long tables and a fireplace to decorate along with tons of cooking. There’s a mix of nerves and excitement down here 😬☺️ Your home is so fresh and lovely. Always look forward to your posts. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Pauline says:

    I love your posts and following you.
    We now both have Goldendoodles! Miss Molly says HI to Harvey. Molly is 3.5 yrs old. She is sweet. We Have a kitty, Lulu also.
    They tolerate each other. Happy fall!

  3. Brittany Dee says:

    We are hosting 40 people in our new home this year!! Taking over for my Dad who passed away last year, we are excited and I’ve gotten so many ideas from your instagram stories and blogs!! Keep them coming!!

  4. Tisha says:

    Just my immediate family of 7 and I’m so glad because I’ve been married 34 years and I’ve only had to make one turkey – it was a disaster. So, this year is second attempt. My family won’t judge 😂

  5. Ingrid says:

    Love everything, Erin! We may be hosting Christmas this year, but we’re all going away for Thanksgiving together and having it catered! It’s such a joy hosting and making memories, during this special time of year! ♡

  6. Barb says:

    Love the simplicity of your fall decor, Erin! Subtle fall statements strategically placed. My eye is immediately drawn to them. A testament to the saying, “Less is more!” Have a blessed Thanksgiving with your sweet family.

  7. Marms says:

    Everything looks simply lovely!!!! Even Harvey blends in with the color scheme!

  8. patti says:

    Regarding your Print Setting cabinet…OMG, my dad worked as a print setter for McCall’s Magazine years ago. He passed away in 89. He used a cabinet like that, I have looked all over for a cabinet but could only find a drawer…love it!!

  9. Patti says:

    Regarding your print setter cabinet…OMG, my dad worked as a print setter for McCall’s Magazine years ago. He passed away in 89. He used a cabinet like that, I have looked all over for a cabinet but could only find a drawer…love it!!

  10. Meghan says:

    It’s perfect! So warm, cozy, and inviting. What a sweet space to call home.

  11. Angel says:

    Ahhhhhh I miss seeing you on IG since my I went social media dark (except Pinterest and blogs). Harvey is so stinking cute. As always your decor is spot on. My mom has hosted thanksgiving for as long as I’ve been married (she’s declared it’s the one holiday she is guaranteed to see her grandchildren 😂). Although they are all 17 and older and make dates with her. So cute. My 20 year old SON was with her yesterday because he was craving her apple 🍎 pie 🥧. The kids go and help the day before thanksgiving and spend the night and cook all day before we get there. I love it.

  12. This is simply stunning in every way. Gorgeous use of color, fresh and exciting with hints of traditional hues underneath. Love all the chippy goodness too!

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