Slipcover Short Cut!

Hey guys!
Wanted to share a quick and useful tip with my buddies who have slipcovered furniture or who might be thinking about getting some!  Took these pics a few months ago and totally forgot to share our tip with ya…shows you the condition of my brains these days, huh?  😉  Anyway, just a quick and easy peek into Slip Cover Washing Day around these parts and how we avoid spending quality time with our iron… 😂

(Naked IKEA Ektorp armchair 😉)

In our home, we have a sofa and two arm chairs from the Ektorp line from IKEA, and they have white slip covers on all three pieces.  I know.  I know.  WHITE furniture with FOUR kiddos in our house…what are we thinking?!?  😂  If you’re curious to see how we handle that and why it’s actually cleaner in here than it was when we had Big Brown (a hugely oversized microsuede couch) that “hid” all the stains, then you can read about that [HERE]!  That post is also a review of the IKEA Ektorp line, so give it a peek if you’re interested in the farmhouse, slipcovered look on a budget!

(Tug and smooth out slipcovers while damp!)

Anyway, spoiler alert: we wash our slipcovers with a little bleach and/or spot treatment, and boom.  Almost good as new every time they come out of the washer!  If you want to save a little time and energy and skip ironing your slipcovers (a headache, let me tell you…😳), try this trick: put your slipcovers in the dryer (if the directions say that’s ok, of course), but only let them go until the slipcovers are about 75% dry.  Take them out and quickly do the Slipcover Shimmy to work them back into place on your furniture while still a bit damp.  Once in place, go around the couch or chair and gently tug on and smooth over the slipcover to remove wrinkles…with NO IRONING halleluyer!!!  I mean, sure.  If you want the crispest, cleanest knife-edge on something, ya gotsta bust out the iron.  But!  This little time-saver saves you a lot of….well….TIME, plus by pulling and smoothing during the damp phase, your slipcovers are left pretty darn wrinkle-free for a lot less effort.  BOOM.

(After the new couch arrived, the slipcovered one moved to the playroom for the time being…wonder how long that crisp white can last HERE, right!??!  😳😂  Three cheers for bleach pens!)

We also keep a few bottles of Downy Wrinkle Releaser handy throughout our house (because…let’s be honest.  When was the last time we actually USED our iron….??? 😬😂), and I like to spot-treat the deeper wrinkles with a bit of that product while I’m pulling and tugging, too.  It’s pretty amazing how much time you’ll save by putting the slipcovers back on while they are damp, and using the wrinkle releaser helps to finish the job!

Hope this was helpful, buddies!  Anyone else have some good tips on slipcovers?  Ever thought about trying white furniture…??

  1. Sadie

    March 20th, 2018 at 7:26 pm

    Hi Erin! I have 2 Ektorp sofas in white and I do everything the same as you with the exception of spot treatment. I use Shout spray for any spots and I always add Oxi-Clean powder to give a little more whitening oomph! And just because I love the smell, I also add the Downy Scent Beads to the wash and then my whole house smells so fresh! (I use my home made laundry detergent which really is pretty much unscented, so the fresh Downy fragrance is nice to add!) In our family is 2 teenagers as well as a dog and a cat and yet I love having the white sofas and like you, feel I can keep them cleaner than other options. Great tips! And they work, y’all!! Love ya! Sadie @txprairieblooms

  2. Alex

    March 20th, 2018 at 10:40 pm

    this is awesome! I just ordered an ektorp sofa and loveseat (expected next week!) and I will definitely be utilizing your slipcover de-wrinkling hack 😉 thanks for sharing!!

  3. Emily

    March 25th, 2018 at 8:00 am

    I have 2 Ektorp couches as well. When my kiddos were small, I had the white slips. I did daycare and we have two dogs…everybody thought I was CRAZY to have white furniture. Fast forward to today, only two teenagers at home, plus the dogs, and beige slips. They are filthy ALL THE TIME!! White is so much more practical because of the bleach! I also bought a white queen sized quilt from HomeGoods that I kept tucked over each couch. That way I could wash the quilts every week but the slip overs stayed really clean and only needed washing every couple of months.

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