Top 4 Mom-Packs: backpacks for Moms on the go!

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One of our family goals this year is to begin traveling more as time and budget allows. For the past 10 years, we’ve been in the baby/toddler years where traveling whilst one kid is potty training, one kid is nursing and a couple other kids are in the mix somewhere felt so overwhelming! Now, our youngest is 4 and we have entered a whole new world of possibilities…and we’re ready to explore!

I’ve recently been rounding up a bunch of different mommin-friendly backpacks with the specific purpose of traveling with kinds in mind. We’ve got a couple of trips in the books already that will involve amusement parks and lots of walking out and about, so I’ve been looking for some sort of backpack to suit my style and also solve the problem of where to put ALL THE THINGS while we are adventuring. I ordered and looked over probably 12, and these were the top 4 in my opinion.

Backpack #1:

-one of the more compact backpacks I tried, yet still had plenty of compartments and storage space
-liked the grey color for future stain-hiding
-very comfortable straps
-could function as a diaper bag (has wipes pocket and bottle holders) or simply a backpack
-the style would be great for everyday use as well as travel
-under $40

-doesn’t come with USB charging portal or suitcase handle strap on the back

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Backpack #2:

-adorable design with the grey stripes and brown edges
-more of a coated canvas material for wiping stains
-diaper bag functionality w wipes pocket and bottle holders
-would be great for everyday use as a diaper bag or purse

-doesn’t seem as sturdy for travel or long use
-the top is a wide mouth opening which I don’t prefer as it sort of tips over
-missing the USB charging portal, security zipper and suitcase strap

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Backpack #3:

-large enough for serious travel storage
-most compartments of all I tested
-comes with USB charging portal, suitcase strap, stroller straps and hidden pocket
-very comfortable straps
-can function as a diaper bag (has wipes pocket and bottle holders) or a backpack
-under $30

-because of all the pockets and compartments, it is a bit bulkier
-probably wouldn’t use for everyday bc of size

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Backpack #4:

-unique and sleek design with crafty construction to minimize bulk without losing packing space
-loved the colors
-comes with USB charging portal, hidden zipper pocket, suitcase strap and waterproof laptop compartment
-very comfortable straps

-most expensive – at time of posting, this was on sale for $99, regularly $165
-can’t function as a diaper bag easily
-pale color might attract stains easier

Click [HERE] to shop this bag.

I hope this review was helpful! If you want to see a more detailed review on video, head over to my saved stories on Instagram to see! If I had to pick right now, I’d go with the first one for a combo of everyday use AND travel, although the last two bags are a bit larger and would serve better for travel…hard to choose! Which would you pick? Help this mama out!

  1. Kelsey Farley

    February 3rd, 2020 at 8:43 pm

    It took me a long while to figure out backpacks work best!! So much easier when I was using a diaper bag.

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