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Top 8 Tips for Going Vintage Pickin!

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Hey friends!
Recently went pickin’ with my fam, and I thought I’d stop and share some of the useful tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way and through many adventures into dusty, wonderful antique stores near and far!  If you’ve ever wondered where to look, how to spot a treasure and whether or not to grab it or leave it behind, here’s your guide…plus a few of my favorite vintage finds over the years, too!

1 – First, go to small town shops rather than bigger cities, because high profile spots can sometimes raise prices a bit more.

2- Before you enter a booth, stand at the entrance and give it a good once over before walking in and getting claustrophobic with all the STUFF everywhere.

3 – Always ask for a better price but be respectful when it’s a “no.”  A sticker with “FIRM” is usually a big no, but many times, dealers are willing to deal! 😉

CottonStem.com farmhouse decor vintage book wall jane austen pride and prejudice wood sign

4 – Be sure to turn pieces over and look for branding/date/anything to show it’s authentic – you never know what treasure you might have almost passed by!

5 – Try to get to know dealers and shop owners, because often times if they spot a fellow vintage lover, they’ll help hunt for you as pieces come in or tell you where to look next.

6 – Try to discover the story behind the piece you are taking home!  My very favorite vintage finds are those with a story, and many times the dealers or booth owners will be happy to share….because they probably love vintage history, too!

7 – Before buying furniture, test it out/shake it/sit on it/etc to make sure it’ll hold up with use.

8 – Don’t be afraid of dirt and dust. If it literally stops you in your tracks and you gasp…GET IT. You never know if you’ll be able to find it again, and the piece just might want YOU to be the keeper of it’s history now… 🙂

CottonStem.com farmhouse fall decorations navy blue pumpkins vintage copper

Hope these tips and tricks prove helpful on your next pickin’ adventure!  I love thinking about the history behind the pieces I’ve fallen in love with, and the actual adventure of GOING picking is half the fun!  What are some of your favorite vintage finds or neat stories behind your pieces that you love?!

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  1. Angie says:

    Love this!!! So true to never be scared to ask for a lower price, especially on big pieces. I fell in love with a buffet and couldn’t stop thinking about it, but they wanted more than I could spend. I sent a message to the dealer asking if she could come down at all in price. She was so kind and came down even lower than the price I was willing to pay. 🙌🏼 Made my year!!!

  2. Joleen says:

    I love these! We have a local shop in town that knows us oh so well. After we bought our house, ww wentnin to go shopping and the owner started asking us questions about our new home. Funny thing was they had came to an estate sale here before we bought it and had bought tons of antiques from the previous owners! They hooked us up with many of the old owners treasures. It was so neat and we have built a great friendship since then.

  3. Kathy says:

    You should come pick at the Dusty Attic in Checotah!!! There are also five other vintage shops in Checotah!! I bet you would find you a treasure!!

  4. Lindzie L. says:

    I found a vintage mantle on Craigslist. Turns out it was from Georgia (I live in California) and to this day it is my favorite piece. ❤️

  5. Missy says:

    Thank you for all the tips. They are very helpful when you are just starting out! My very first vintage find was at a small flea market! It was a dark green apple farm lamp for our very first house! I just kept coming back to it. I even left saying “if it was still there it was meant to be!” We just bought an old farmhouse this pass July! It slow moving for making it ours but it’s a dream come true for our whole family!

  6. Great tips and tricks ! Loved your tips on your antique booth adventure ❤️ Mostly because we’re thinking about starting one . We’ve had a shop , and had booths at street markets & lots of shows , but never a booth at an antique shop . We’ve learned a ton along the way but good to know more tips . Sounds fun and thank you for always being so inspiring!! The cottage girls 💕

  7. Aarsun Woods says:

    Beautiful Antique furniture pieces… Thanks for sharing this post.

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