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Welcome to my blog! Here you will find my musings on life, interior design, motherhood, DIY, fashion, and more. 

 My name is Erin Kern, and I'm a born and raised Okie.  Met my hubby in college (started dating after I bought him in a date auction...ha!), and we moved to the Tulsa area as newlyweds.  Taught high school for awhile, spent a whirlwind five years having four sweet daughters, and I get the privilege of staying home with my girls during these little years.



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Welcome to my blog! Here you will find my musings on life, interior design, motherhood, DIY, fashion, and more. 

Hello, my friends! Time for a little quiz for all my antique lovin’ buddies…!  Let’s see if you can relate to any of my top five requirements for true vintage lovers.  😉  Our community is made up of some of the BEST people, and I want YOU in it, too!  Let’s see how many you […]

Without further ado, here’s the dining room fall look this year!  A new rug from Well Woven Rugs [HERE] came just in time to tie all this yummy navy and pale grey/blue together (this rug is the Ciato Blue Vintage 8×10).  It’s so so soft, it doesn’t shed, and you guys will flip at the prices….AND […]

Hey friends! I’ve had several questions regarding these layered vintage windows that I used in my fall farmhouse style entryway this year, and the DIY is so very easy!  Layered windows and signs is one of my favorite tricks for adding depth and texture on my walls, and I’ve been layering up the decor for […]

(*Sending hugs and prayers to my friends, both “real life” and friends met online, down in Texas.  If you’d like a way to help, be sure to check my Instagram stories today.*) Last week, I shared this year’s fall color palette and design themes [HERE] on the blog, but what I didn’t share was my process regarding how […]

**EDIT: It’s been brought to my attention that the adorable Autumn pumpkin pillow was reproduced by a seller on Amazon without the artist’s permission.  I’ve changed the link below (I can’t STAND when people plagiarize and steal from others.  Hate it). _____________________ Y’all know I’m feelin’ the blues with fall this year…blue pumpkin blues!  I […]

So, here’s the deal. I love fall. I love pumpkins. But…I don’t love ORANGE pumpkins. I mean, in and of themselves, there’s nothing wrong with a happy orange pumpkin.  Orange just isn’t my favorite color with which to decorate my home.  Last year, I stuck with pumpkins in pale greens, light blues and creamy whites, […]

Hey guys! Okay, so after quite a few requests to do this, I’m grabbing my very favorite farmhouse style home decor picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale!  These are pieces I think fit seamlessly into anyone’s home, but I did try and keep a farmhouse lens on when choosing.  Such cute, affordable, farmhouse-y stuff! (Hint: […]

My weekend has so far been spent going back in time.  😳  For a special project I’ve got coming up (more on that later…!), I needed to reset the entire house back to all of the springtime looks I’d created, including this hanging flowers and plants display in our farmhouse style entryway. When I originally […]

Be our guest! This guest bedroom makeover was one of my favorite projects recently, and I am so excited to show you how it all turned out!  This used to be a baby nursery since it’s pretty close to the master bedroom, but, now that all four little girls share rooms in one combination or […]

After posting the little lemon tree that inspired it all in my home decor for summer [HERE], so many of you were super bummed that Pottery Barn no longer carries it or at least it’s been out of stock for a bit.  So!  Never fear, ol Stems is here! 🙌🏻🙄😂  I rounded up some of […]