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Hey buddies! Okay, I had lots of questions about the styling on top of my “new” vintage butcher block table my Instagram buddies convinced me to snatch up last week, so I thought I’d tear this look back down in order to rebuild it step by step for ya to maybe give you a glimpse […]

Hey buddies! Okay, here is a quickie little DIY tutorial for you if you are sometimes just not feelin’ a huge project.  If you want a super fast chippy painted finish and you’re working with metal or plastic furniture, here ya go!  Now listen…this is NOT a Perfect For Eternity solution.  Nope.  This is a […]

Hey friends! Okay, if you missed PART ONE of the organic Instagram growth series, click [HERE] to catch up!  I think it’s pretty important to peek at the first part, because it kind of shows you why this series might be a bit against the grain, and it gives you some background on my own […]

Hey guys! Wanted to share a quick and useful tip with my buddies who have slipcovered furniture or who might be thinking about getting some!  Took these pics a few months ago and totally forgot to share our tip with ya…shows you the condition of my brains these days, huh?  😉  Anyway, just a quick […]

Hey buddies! This is sort of the behind-the-scenes introduction to the Do You + Be Kind organic IG growth series I’ll be publishing over the next few weeks, and this first segment gives you an idea of where I’m coming from…and why this series might be a little different than you were expecting: read below […]

Hey buddies! Excited to share the next tip in the Farmhouse Hacks series, inexpensive no-sew drop cloth curtains! If you missed the other three in the series, I’ll link those below for ya: Concrete Countertops + Farmhouse Sink Wood Look Tile Flooring DIY Faux Shiplap     One easy way to add farmhouse flair to your […]

Hey buddies! Excited to share the next tip in the Farmhouse Hacks series, and if you missed the other two, I’ll link those below for ya: Farmhouse Hacks – Concrete Countertops + Farm Sink Farmhouse Hacks – Wood Look Tile Flooring    Next up, we’ll chat a little bit about getting that farmhouse look using […]

Hello friends! Wanted to share a super duper easy farmhouse grain sack frames DIY with y’all today straight from my hotel in NYC!  This quick little project took about 10 minutes using dish towels and an old table runner I had in my linens drawer plus a few old frames I had in the garage.  […]

Hey buddies! Lots of y’all wanted to see how I whipped up this massive-yet-simple farmhouse style Christmas wreath in about 5-10 minutes, so here ya go!  This could definitely be scaled down to fit different sized spaces, or it would be cute as little mini-wreaths for place settings or attached behind dining room chairs.  Endless […]

It’s fun to get little glimpses into the lives of our friends, so I wanted to give you one into mine!  Did you know I used to be a cake decorator?  I ran a small biz creating sugary confections, and I’d love to share a few with you and talk about what led me to […]