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Had lots of Q’s about these simple embroidery hoop wreaths I whipped up for the gallery wall, so I thought I’d put together a quick and easy DIY post for you guys!  Love adding a touch of whimsy and texture to the walls in my home by suspending unexpected decor or having it sort of come “out” of the walls to catch the eye, and these little cuties fit the bill!  Truly…so so simple.  I’ll show ya!

gallery wall wood signs farmhouse decor


You’ll just need a few simple supplies to create this tutorial, and I’ve included similar products below if you’re ready to give it a try!  Some affiliate links used in this post, FYI.  I purchased my garlands at Hobby Lobby but don’t see them online right now, so I’m linking similar ideas for ya!

(Shiplap chargers made by Sawdust Angel Wood Boutique)

How To:

1 – Tie length of twine to hoop hardware.
Measure how long you want your hoop wreath to be once suspended from the ceiling or whatever you’re hanging them from and then add a few extra inches for tying off on both ends.  Simple kitchen twine will do, or you can use jute rope if your wreath ends up a little heavier if perhaps you added more greenery or flowers than I did above.

2 – Attach faux greenery stems to twine.
To achieve this look, I positioned the greenery stems pointing downward and used the cut wire end to attach to the twine by wrapping the twine a few times around the wire.  To finish, fold the wire down on itself just a bit to adhere the greenery stem securely to the twine.

3 – Tie off ends of greenery stems.
Finally, secure the tips of your greenery to the hoops by using small sections of kitchen twine and snip off the excess!  Done and done!

I like using kitchen twine with the wooden embroidery hoops, because the wood and twine are the same color…helps the twine blend in perfectly at the end!  Plus, it’s so cheap!

To suspend our wreaths, we just used white C hooks screwed into the ceiling so they would blend in with our white walls and ceiling, but you could also use a white finishing nail, Command hooks or even something as simple as a white thumb tack if the hoops were lightweight!

When placing your hooks, be sure to test out where the hoops will actually hang once attached.  Be sure to scoot them as close to the wall as possible so they won’t constantly spin or move out of place when the air conditioner kicks on, etc.  Keeping them close to the wall will keep them still!

dining room gallery wall

Y’all know I love me some hoop wreaths: see my bedroom hoop wreath wall [HERE]!  They are such a simple yet lovely way to add texture, life, color and beauty to a space, and I love their whimsical vibe in here to break up the harsh lines of the gallery wall o’ encouragement (see more of that project [HERE]).  Hope this was helpful to you, my design-lovin’ buddies!  Thank you so so much for taking time to stop over here and say hi when you can!

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  1. Bobette Benitez says:

    Your ideas are simple but classy and amazing😍😍😍. Thank you soooomuch for sharing them. I am working on my guest room and now I know exactly how to decorate it. Wishing you and your family a blessed day!

  2. Holly Farmer says:

    Erin you always have such creative and beautiful tips for your home…and I appreciate the affordable aspect on this project as well. Love following you.

  3. Katie Stanko says:

    So so fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  4. karen says:

    Hi Erin
    Love your watch. Deets , please.

  5. Cristie says:

    You know what my first thought was??? Blowing Bubbles… picture it: your outside walking toward the door and someone has just blown Beautiful bubbles that attached themselves to the green of nature on your wall… Can’t you Just….!
    So beautifully refreshing

  6. Christine Sayal says:

    Thank you!!!!!! For making life so easy and quaint. I love all your ideas. And especially love how you always make it simple and affordable. ♥️biggest fan

  7. Jane says:

    This is so stinking cute and I actually think me and my 5 thumbs can make it!

    I follow you on Instagram. Couldn’t find a way to join your blog so I’m leaving this comment and clicking on to be notified of new posts by email. Will this work?!

    Jane x

  8. Tonilynn says:

    Hi! Love love love the gallery wall!! Where did you get your dining room rug?Those are the colors I’m looking for just haven’t found anything I’ve liked.

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